So I had my Japanese N5 test today in London, it was a little different to how I imagined it, in my head it was going to be much bigger and professional – In actuality it was in a lecture … Read More

Exam update 5/6

Home Stretch!The 2 exams today were…. Okay….ish…. I guess….Both generally consisting of 1 alright question which I could answer fine, and then a 2nd question which I kind of cobbled an answer together for and hope that its right. This … Read More

Exams update 3/6

Halfway there. The 2 exams today were brutal, Im not really sure how I did tbh, the question format is you pick 2 essay questions out of 4For both exams, 1 Essay went well, and the other went kinda of … Read More

Exams update 1/6

First exam went pretty fucking badly, Its always the ones you’re confident on that you get completely buttfucked by. I have 2 exams tomorrow, not particularly confident about either of them. Fucksake.Who puts 3 exams in 2 days anyway. Why … Read More

nothing much to report…

Literally nothing happening in my life anymore Revision is going bleh, past exam paper questions that i managed to find are bleh, gaming is bleh (decided to stop league of legends for a while, only playing the occasional Pop’n music … Read More

Revision update 30th march

Have successfully skimmed through all 6 of the modules im studying for, highlighing key points and making sure the material makes some level of sense.Ive only actually learnt 2 of the modules, and those are both of the easy ones. … Read More

Year 3, Term 2 End

So im done with University lectures forever, have been since last week.On monday I had to do my final task this term, Give a 15 minute talk about ‘Food entrained Circadian Clocks in the hypothalamus’ and then spend 5 minutes … Read More