Pacific Rim (2013)

Ultra fast review just to get some content out (have been preoccupied with games recently with the ongoing steam sales). The less you know and have seen about Pacific Rim before seeing it, the better. I had hardly seen anything … Read More

Mind Game (2004)

Mind Game is without a doubt, the most bizarre Anime/Film I’ve ever seen. Trying to explain the plot is as pointless as trying to understand what is happening in the film, so I’ll spare you guys that. What I will … Read More

Jiro Dreams of Sushi (2011/2012)

Jiro dreams of sushi is a movie documentary about 85 year old sushi master Jiro Ono and his restaraunt, where he serves what is apparently the best sushi in the world.The film is portioned approximately 50/50 his history/life and the food, both … Read More

Skyfall (2012)

Before I start, im going to go ahead and say Skyfall isnt a bad film.Its easy when writing reviews to always focus on the things that annoy you about the film and skyfall had these little annoyances by the truckload, … Read More

The Raid : Redemption (2011)

So ‘The Raid’ is the sort of action movie made for people like me, people with short attention spans, who probably dont watch films very often, and arent too bothered by a lack of cohesive plot solong as the film … Read More