Bread loaf recipe V2

Ingredients 420g – Strong white bread flour300ml – Warm Water7g – Allinsons easy bake yeast1tsp – Course Salt1tsp – White granulated Sugar1tsp – Garlic Powder1tsp – Onion Powder Sesame edition:+2tbsp Sesame Oil+Sesame Seeds Quick Directions DOUGH PHASE 1– Combine all … Read More

I didn’t choose the food life

Awesome weekend out in London hanging with some old friends. Got a thermos flask and a tripod for secret santa presents, which is awesome (i just have to hope Im actually getting that camera for christmas I guess) and then … Read More

Red Bull Red/Blue/Silver

Red bull’s recently released new flavors seem to have taken a leaf out of the average Pokemon gameboy release. I Tried them all so y’all dont need to waste your money on this shit. Blue / BlueberryActually tastes worse than … Read More

Yummy food // SMG2

Not a huge amount of happenings recently, the weather has been beautiful the past few days so we’ve mainly been exploiting that. Had a nize BBQ at some point and then we spent most of yesterday just sitting around in … Read More

Not your everyday burger

So went to gourmet burger kitchen last night whilst going shopping with the parents , Its basically a place that does really big fancy burger and chips , after glancing down the menu I noticed ‘others’…Buffalo (yes , buffalo!) £9.99Wild … Read More

The chicken fiasco

So i went to tesco after coming back from hertfordshire university (before i got the bus back home) , the chicken section all of my beloved ‘2 chicken breasts for £2’ were sold out , the alternatives were ‘3 giant … Read More