I didn’t choose the food life

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Awesome weekend out in London hanging with some old friends. Got a thermos flask and a tripod for secret santa presents, which is awesome (i just have to hope Im actually getting that camera for christmas I guess) and then we pretty much spent the rest of the time either hiking about with my bigass bag, or eating.

I don’t get out too much so I guess getting to explore the city just kind of unleashed something, I had some macaroons (freakin £1.80 each), then later for dinner I had seafood bibimbap at a korean restaurant (£11 @_@ ).
Then the next day we went to patty and bun and I had 2 burgers there (£16) and to finish off my wallet, a trip to the hummingbird bakery for some cupcakes (£5)


For serious though, Patty and Bun – http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Restaurant_Review-g186338-d3696403-Reviews-Patty_Bun-London_England.html – is incredible, I think it really says something when the service is shit, the tables are small and cramped, they cram you in like sardines, and yet there is still a queue outside the door all day. I seriously recommend the chilli burger, because that relish is incredible.

Red Bull Red/Blue/Silver

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Red bull’s recently released new flavors seem to have taken a leaf out of the average Pokemon gameboy release.

I Tried them all so y’all dont need to waste your money on this shit.

Blue / Blueberry
Actually tastes worse than standard red bull, and has a very faint blueberry taste with a bitter aftertaste.
Probably the worst of the 3.

Red / Cranberry
Sweet – and doesnt actually taste like cranberry, but rather like a drink attempting to taste like cranberry (but fails)
Best tasting of the 3
Silver / Lime
Tastes like cheap energy drink mixed with cheap lemonade.
Not fantastic really, but it was alright.
tldr: If you’re gonna buy any of these, buy the Red one. I still think Monster Regular or Monster Ripper are better though.

Yummy food // SMG2

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Not a huge amount of happenings recently, the weather has been beautiful the past few days so we’ve mainly been exploiting that.

Had a nize BBQ at some point and then we spent most of yesterday just sitting around in a park and talking (one of the guys brought over shisha so we were doing that too)


Other than that, been spending all of my free time playing Mario Galaxy 2, which is easily as good as the reviews make it out to be. Pure mario action, and a few of the levels have some challenge in them too, I do wish the game was a little harder but.. it is mario after all. I really enjoy the metronone/beat style levels the best, where the wiimote basically taps a beat and at the end of each ‘frame’ (my musical knowledge is limited) something changes, maybe blocks switch, or gravity reverses or something, its a pretty neat feature. And alot of the levels have their own little unique gimmicks which give the levels their own distinct style. Flashback galaxy for example is completely pitch black and only illuminated by lightning striking periodically, thus you spend half the time unable to see platforms and the like and have to memorize where to go when the lightning illuminates the level. If you have a wii its a must (one of the few)

The 15 Egg Challenge (Eggisode 2 – Eggpire strikes back)

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Task : Make unique dishes using 15 eggs , dishes cannot be made twice , no more than 2 eggs can be used in 1 dish.

On the last eggisode of the 15 Egg Challenge….
Eggs Used so far : 6/15

Now we continue with what happened to the other 9 eggs…

‘Scrambled Egg on Toast’


It was actually the first time i had properly made scrambled egg, Made it in the pan with a good helping of salt and pepper…
Yumminess : 7/10
Ease to Make : 8 (mix eggs, pour in pan, smack it around abit , make toast, put egg on toast…)
Eggs Used : 2/15

‘Deviled Eggs’

Idea page – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deviled_eggs


So deviled eggs, are supposed to be a hard boiled egg, cut in half and then you take the hard yolk out and mash it with stuff and put it back in the egg – unfortunately I apparently cant cook a hard boiled egg , they both came out semi-soft with abit of a runny yolk. Nevermind, I decided to improvise and make a ‘filling’ out of fried onion, bacon bits, sweetcorn and mixed it with BBQ sauce. It came out surprisingly well and was pretty damn tasty.
Yumminess : 8/10
Ease to Make : 3/10 (Takes a while as i had to fry the stuff up, boil the egg, peel the skin, cut it, clear up the yolk, mix the bacon and stuff… )
Eggs Used : 2/15

‘Easy Oven Frittata’

Recipe can be found at – http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/3160/easy-oven-frittata


Running out of stuff to make at this point, A scan of the internet and i came across this ‘Frittata’, essentially a pasta bake but using egg and milk, I added bacon and sweetcorn as well because I bought lots of bacon after realising you can only really cook eggs with pork. It came out pretty well, and had a unique taste which i genuinely can’t describe. After spooning it out it looked like pasta mixed with bits of scambled egg though.
Yumminess : 6/10 (unique.)
Ease to Make : 4/10 (boil pasta, chop bacon up and put in whisked egg and milk mixture, shove in oven for 40 mins)
Eggs Used : 2/15

‘All Day breakfast Spaghetti’ (not the actual name, but thats what I have named it.)

Recipe / Idea…
Sure, why not. I was practically out of ideas for meals so i figured id go with this idea, thinking it would make some sort of omlette with pasta inside… I do however need meat in my diet so I thought id cut some sausages lengthways and put them in as well.

I’ll admit.. the result wasn’t quite what I had in mind, It pretty much turned into a big plate of spaghetti which tasted like English Breakfast, a kind of sausagey eggy taste… Not pictured in the picture is the dollop of ketchup I put on. The dish quite grew on me as I was eating it though, dipping the fork into the ketchup before picking up some egg coated spaghetti and piece of sausage was pretty nice. Its definately a taste you won’t get anywere else.
Yumminess : 4/10 at the start.. 7/10 by the end.
Ease to Cook : 4/10 (boil spaghetti, cutting the sausages was a bitch, the actual frying bit is pretty easy as you just throw it all in.)
Eggs Used: 2/15

‘Tamago Kake Gohan’

Idea can be found here : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tamago_kake_gohan

Another find from the list of egg dishes on wikipedia , I have to admit I was pretty scared by this one but figured I had to try it.

So incae you didnt click the wikipeda link, or suss it out from the picture, this dish is basically getting a raw egg, mixing it with some soy sauce and then pouring it into rice. it was… actually not that bad, the raw egg added a slippery layer over the rice making it easier to eat than plain boiled rice, and the soy sauce gave majority of the flavour. I imagine the raw egg also has enough nutrients to compensate for the lack of any other ingredient in the dish.
Yumminess : 5/10 (nothing special, but definately edible.)
Ease to make : 8/10 (boiling up rice is sort of an effort, aside from that its eggstremely easy, hell you dont even have to cook the damn egg.)
Eggs Used : 1/15

And thats all 15 eggs gone!
probably one of the more intresting ventures ive taken into food, And tbh i think i’ll probably end up doing something similar with something else at some point, having to keep coming up with unique food ideas is a great way to discover or create new dishes.

Eggs Used : 15/15
Slices of bread used : 10
Rashers of bacon used : 5
Egg puns used : Not enough.
Best Dish : Bacon and Egg Sandwich, followed shortly by Deviled Eggs
Most intresting Dish : All Day Breakfast Spaghetti (Can’t say ive ever eaten anything where you dip your fork in ketchup before eating)
Worst Dish : Easy Oven Frittata (it wasnt even that bad, but something had to get ‘Worst dish’)

MBA presents… The 15 Egg Challenge! (Eggisode 1)

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Long story short , 15 eggs for £1.50.

Task : Make unique dishes using 15 eggs , dishes cannot be made twice , no more than 2 eggs can be used in 1 dish.

‘Eggs in the basket’

Have never made this before and only found out about it from wikipedia on a list of egg dishes.
Basically you cut a hole out of a piece of bread and crack the egg in the middle whilst frying the bread. Ate mine with ketchup.
Yumminess : 8/10
Ease to make : 6/10 (butter bread , wash glass that i used to cut hole of bread , cooking stage is easy though)
Eggs Used : 2/15

‘Ham and Egg Toastie’


Used the toastie machine after frying the egg and putting it in, its totally not a sandwich. Eaten with BBQ sauce as seen in picture.
Yumminess : 7/10
Ease to make : 9/10 (fry egg , make sandwich , toastie machine it)
Eggs used : 1/15

‘French Bread / Eggy Bread’


Ah, good ol’ french bread. Have never made it before so i had to google how to do it. I didnt put enough sugar in the egg mix so i had to top it myself.
Yumminess : 4/10 (I most definately made it wrong or something, little flavour even with a dusting of sugar and not soaked in enough egg, an eggstra egg and a ton more sugar would have probably made this a 7 or 8)
Ease to make : 3/10 (No idea how much sugar to add , have to beat the eggs first , bread falls apart if you try to pick it up with a fork to lift it into the pan, fair amount of washing up)
Eggs Used : 2/15

‘Bacon and egg sammich’

Ah. Bacon.
Its hard to top a bacon and egg sandwich with ketchup. Im dribbling a little bit just looking at this picture – and im typing this up after i just finished eating the thing.
Yumminess : 10/10 (god tier – you could say its pretty eggcelent)
Ease to make : 8/10 (Step 1 : Fry eggs and bacon , Step 2: ??? , Step 3: Profit!)
Eggs used : 1/15

Not sure were im going to go from here really , i could make an omlette or something eggtravagant I suppose. I did consider trying to make meringues but they’ll almost definately end badly and i’d need to go buy caster sugar or whatever goes in them. Might make pancakes or something i suppose… Kinda screwed since ive used all the easy recipes so early on and im going to need to make at least another 5 dishes to finish these eggs.
I also need to think up more egg puns.

Eggs left in the fridge : 9
Eggs Used so far : 6
Slices of bread used : 8
Egg Puns so far : 4


Not your everyday burger

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So went to gourmet burger kitchen last night whilst going shopping with the parents , Its basically a place that does really big fancy burger and chips , after glancing down the menu I noticed ‘others’…
Buffalo (yes , buffalo!) £9.99
Wild Boar £9.25

The (yes, buffalo!) was actually on the menu by the way , Figured its not every day you get to try buffalo or wild boar so ordered it , or well my brother got one and i got the other then we just cut them in half. The place is pretty expensive though , £3 for a portion of chips , which comes in a coffee mug style thing – pretty damn nice though i have to say.


So there it is , Wild boar burger on the left , Buffalo on the right
Unfortunately , they both taste like beef , although buffalo is meat is very very soft which was nice.

Thats 2 more animals I can cross off my ‘To Eat’ list

The chicken fiasco

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So i went to tesco after coming back from hertfordshire university (before i got the bus back home) , the chicken section all of my beloved ‘2 chicken breasts for £2’ were sold out , the alternatives were ‘3 giant chicken breasts for £6’ , ‘shitty little bits of chicken we chopped up because we think you’re too stupid to do so and we’re going to charge you extra for it!’ and a whole chicken for £3.50 which weighed as much as the 3 giant chicken breasts for £6 pack.

I did what any self respecting stupid person would do and i bought the whole chicken.
Oh my.

Got it back home and thought i’ll just cut it up into bits and we’ll be fine , spend 10 mins cutting it and save yourself £2.50 , easy peasy.
Unwrapped it , took the rope off it…
It smells :/
Ran it under the tap for a while , filled its ass with water etc etc.
Mkay , time to cut it…

My kitchen cleaver refused to cut the chicken.
I got out the knife sharpener and ran it through a few times…
Kitchen cleaver still refuses to penetrate the chicken’s skin , im starting to think I accidently bought some sort of impenetrable super chicken.
I tried the other knife in the kitchen , success! a small rip!
Crammed my fingers in there and ripped it open (not what i normally do , honest)

Mkay , so the skins off….
What the fuck do i do now.

I start hacking away at it , legs and wings first…

[heres a chicken! incase you guys have never seen one before , also pictured are knife sharpener and dual knives.)


Man… this is… not easy.

Meanwhile , in another part of the kitchen…

Coming back at 10pm , i was kinda hungry.
I thought id make myself some cous cous.


Unfortunately for some reason , i read the packet , saw ‘add 160ml boiling water’ and thought ‘ill add 320ml boiling water!’
Had to throw it away.

Back to the chicken , I eventually got it down to just the bulk of it , figured id slice it open…


It was only at this point i realised….
I dont even know what the fuck is edible here.
I cut what i could and then ended up boiling up all the remains so that i could eat the annoying clingy bits of meat which i couldnt remove from the bones.

Moral of the story? Buy the chicken fillets.

Steak dinner!

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Oh yeah.
The pictures make my plate look so small mind you. This steak is about the length of my face.

Approx cost of meal , £4 + 50p + 50p + 10p = £5.10
Not bad for a giant steak dinner with chips and corncob.

Mengs Bizarre sunday Dinner

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Maybe i’ll start documenting what i cook for dinner as well :3

Salad base with fried rice noodles cooked with soy sauce , with succulent chicken breast cutlets in super special sauce (oyster sauce , soy sauce , lemon juice , water)