Undertale (PC) Review

Just a quickie, because it deserves it. I played through undertale a few days ago, and was pleasantly surprised to find that it’s metacritic score of 94 was completely warranted, this plain and dull looking game that I kept seeing … Read More

The Beginners Guide (PC)

PREFACE IS SPOILER FREE. To speak too much of ‘The Beginners Guide’ would be a horrible sin, personally I knew absolutely nothing of this game, I saw maybe one or two screenshots, I knew it was by the guy that … Read More

Invisible, Inc (PC) Review

Invisible Inc is turn based stealth game by Klei Entertainment, who are on quite the streak of good games latety (Shank, Mark of the Ninja, Don’t Starve) The game can rather quickly be summarised as a cross between metal gear … Read More

Action Henk (PC) Review

Quickie Review time. Action Henk is a speedrunner / time trial style game by RageSquid (who have yet to make anything of much note). The gameplay is about as simple as it gets – get to the end of the … Read More

Ori and the blind forest (PC) Review

Ori and the blind forest is a metroidvania style adventure platformer by Moon studios, it’s the company’s first game and it’s a hell of a good start. Ori plays incredibly similar to drinkbox’s 2013 game Guacamelee, but swapping wrestlers for a … Read More