Minecraft with GLSL and SEUSv10.1

So i’ve always kind of wanted to try the whole minecraft with shaders thing, and this morning I came across a rather sexy batch of screenshots from someone testing sonic ethers shaders, in the comments was a pretty simple overview … Read More

Minecraft project update 2

Have to say, wasnt expecting to have to do essentially 3 layers of floor – that being background, lightstone and then visible floor and glass. (along with having to need to do 3 layers of ceiling per floor later)Can see … Read More

huge minecraft project

never made anything on this sort of scale before, so it will be interesting to see how it turns out. Will keep you guys posted on how its coming along I was really inspired by this huge underwater thing someguy … Read More

Minecraft March

Pre-note: Most of this probably took less time than you imagine it did, ive got a fair few hacks on so I can build as efficiently as possible (aint got time to waste now that exams are creeping up)This is … Read More

Gaia Tower (Minecraft)

Needed a new transport hub tower because my world is kinda fuckin big… Inspiration taken from a lot of things: the CN Tower in Canada, Biospheres, Kami’s Lookout in Dragonball Z and some other shit probably…