3DS Games rundown (1)

Now, I actually had a reasonable amount of 3DS games from before, but nonetheless, after 2 years of owning the console I had only purchased what I deemed to be the true essentials, as at £20-£35 a game, it’s just … Read More

Game Idea: Don’t text and drive

Just putting this down before I forget about it.   General concept: Timed drive from point A to B, during which you must reach the destination in time, respond to all messages and phone calls, and not die. Game Hook … Read More

A short lived Pokemon Y life

Gave Pokemon Y a quick playthrough before deleting the save data and wrapping it for my brother’s christmas present. It was pretty decent, though as usual the battle system put me to sleep. It was kind of refreshing to play … Read More

Top 10 PC games of 2014

2014 Marked an almost upsetting year for video games, even with the new consoles released last year, we saw depressingly few truly good games on the PC (Though to be honest, this list could probably cover consoles as well because … Read More

The Evil Within (PC) Review

The Evil Within is supposedly the next big horror game from Shinji Mikami, famed for directing the original Resident Evil’s (Particularly 1 and 4). The latest hyped up survival horror which goes back to pure horror… or so they say. … Read More