Games to movies

So a few games are being adapted to movies , we all knon that hitman was being adapted into a movie , and frankly. it looked really shit. The movie producers seemt o be giving it another go and are … Read More

Oh god. More games.

So i woke up this morning and went to BC as i normally do. – Need for speed prostreet– Sim City Societies– Blacksite Area 51 released , whats with all the game releases this month?! I havent even started downloading … Read More

Best video option evar?

So ive been playing some viva pinata lately (4 hours out of the 6 that ive been awake) and amongst the regular graphics options – Textures , models , grass etc… I found the most awesome setting ever. Fur. Above … Read More

What the hell?!

I had absoloutely no idea this was coming out for PC.This is awesome 😀 Ps. Had a nightmare last night.Nuff said.

ho ho ho , early christmas

Gears of war and Call of Duty 4 released on scene today , wootwoot. Only problem is gears is 7.5gb and CoD4 is 6.3gb so its gonna take a hell of a long time to download, but at least i … Read More

DS emulation is go!

An emulator called ‘no$gba’ has finally got to the stage where it actually works very decently. Runs phoenix wright games at full speed and pokemon , zelda etc so i hear. Tested it personally with a few games and it … Read More