EGX 2014 – Highlights

Another year, another games expo at Earls Court. Many games this year as usual, in particular a massive booths from both microsoft and sony trying to demo their new gen exclusives, many of the big games had ridiculous queue times … Read More

Silent Hill 2 complete!

Been wanting to play through Silent HIll 2 for a fair while, with it being supposedly one of the best horror games of all time. I would say this statement is perhaps a little exaggerated, and I think the horror … Read More

Mopping up some old games..

Deus Ex HR A game that could have been so much more? Hey look we give you all these ways to go about completing the level! – except if you actually try to do anything of them aside from stealth … Read More

Katawa Shoujo

Just properly finished this game (most of the endings) and I have to say.. not what I expected from a game that came out of 4chan. Despite the slightly ridiculous premise and somewhat morally wrong setting of the game (not … Read More

Shovel Knight (PC) Review

Shovel knight may very well be the best indie game i’ve played since Guacamelee, a fantastic retro styled game which has clearly been designed from the ground up with gameplay in mind and everything else second. Unsurprisingly, you play as … Read More