Watch_Dogs (PC) Review

Watch_Dogs has been a long anticipated game, ever since it’s incredible surprise reveal at E3 2012, 2 whole years ago, we’ve been dripfed only small amounts of information on it. Over those 2 years, dramatic changes were made, the graphics … Read More

Transistor (PC) Review

Transistor is the latest game from¬†the decidedly not so one-hit-wonder studio ‘Supergiant Games’, a short action adventure game with incredible soundtrack and art style, and an interesting isometric perspective. Transistor attempts to tell the story of ‘Red’ a singer who … Read More

Dark Souls 2 (PC) Review

Sometimes in life, you come across a game that infuriates you, yet for some reason, against your better judgement, you can’t stop playing. Sometimes it’s for the achievement (Ninja Gaiden 2), sometimes its for the small moments of glory (League … Read More

Life – April 2014

Life Nothing much to report this week, just been working, and in relatively boring locations. I’m in outer birmingham for a week and then I think staines for about a month. I bought this sweet little speaker thing the other … Read More

Goat Simulator (PC) Review

Goat simulator is possibly exactly what you expected, but then, maybe it isn’t? The game is perhaps best compared to octodad, a ridiculous main character set in an explorable world and a ton of ridiculous physics calculations. Unlike octodad however, … Read More

Minecraft with GLSL and SEUSv10.1

So i’ve always kind of wanted to try the whole minecraft with shaders thing, and this morning I came across a rather sexy batch of screenshots from someone testing sonic ethers shaders, in the comments was a pretty simple overview … Read More