Fucking holograms son.

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3d Hologram stuff has always been a thing of the future, something you look at in movies like avatar and be like ‘wow. how cool would that shit be…’

Mind. Fucking. Blown.

Princess Ghibli – Ghibli Metal covers

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I kind of downlaoded this just for a laugh after seeing the below trailer for it, it just sounded hilarious. And yet here i am, 3 days on, still listening to it, im not sure I still like it ironically or what.
I mean i used to listen to alot of metal back in the day (Slipknot, Mudvayne, SOAD, Disturbed, Korn, Sonata Arctica etc etc) so it wouldnt be completely out of character to genuinely enjoy the album. Nonetheless, its below if you guys fancy it

I think my favorite track is still track 5 – princess mononoke just because its so hilariously odd hearing the original japanese singing accompanied by about 15 guitars and 7 drumsets


Why Friday is fun fun fun fun

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1. Ponies.

2. It means im allowed to listen to my most favorite song ever.

3. As you can see, the shows im following this season arent exactly evenly weighted across the week. Particularly when the best 2 shows (Nichijou and hanasaku iroha) are both on the Sunday.

4. Everyone generally seems happier on friday/weekend, or maybe thats just my imagination.

5. Ponies.

Akinator (aka. The time waster)

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So i only just discovered Akinator through ponychan, this thing is fucking amazing.


Basically, you think of a character, answer some questions, and it guesses who you was thinking of.

I thought it was pretty good when it guessed Albert Wesker (Resi) and Harima Kenji (School rumble), but then it guessed that I was thinking of Angel the Bunny (MLP) which was like…. wat.
(it also guessed Ed Elric, Dr Robotnik, Bruce willis, but those are kind of more common i guess)

Give it a try, ask it to predict some semi-common characters, then try to fuck with it by picking someone obscure

edit: Okay jeeeeeeeezus… This guy knows fucking everything, Successfully guessed…
Hirasawa Ui (K-ON) , Riza Hawkeye(fullmetal alchemist), Tsukamoto Yakumo (school rumble), Kamiyama (Cromartie) , maggey byrde (phoenix wright) ,General Ouromov (007 Goldeneye)
I thought i’d try Ryze (from League of legends) and it hits me with..

I do find rosetta stone’s example pictures entertaining…

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Rosetta stone could be worth getting just for some of the pictures they put in tbh.


In other news, there is no other news.
Im currently just doing labs and stuff, but thats pretty much all i have this week.

We went to worcester for the weekend, where I finally got to try dance central, pretty fucking hilarious stuff – and really good fun. Unsurprisingly I was getting some pretty decent scores and 5*’d some o dat lady gaga.
Hard mode in that game is really something else though, like it would probably be fine if I did the break it down mode and actually learn the song but i think it was… err.. Hella Good? or something? (no doubt) we tried it on hard and it was fuckin mental, criss-cross legs and all sorts of crazy leg moves whilst doing parapara. If I had a kinect i’d definately get that though, its so much fun, and really good exercise too – I dont think I had moved that much in ages.
‘Motionsports’ on the other hand was really dire, really really really bad. Worse than Kinect Sports.

So far then…

God tier : Dance Central
Fun tier : Kinect adventures
‘Worked better on wii’ tier : Kinect sports
‘Should never have been made’ tier : Motionsports

Im also willing to go out on a limb and throw Dancemasters and Kinectimals in Fun tier and Kinect Joyride in ‘Worked better on wii’ tier, but this is based on what ive seen and not what ive played.

Minecraft video and something extra…

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Made a random Minecraft TNT video the other day, didnt take as long as you might think… Got to practice with the speed functions in vegas too

And now the something extra….


I love the super-reusable techno beat

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