Fucking holograms son.

3d Hologram stuff has always been a thing of the future, something you look at in movies like avatar and be like ‘wow. how cool would that shit be…’ Mind. Fucking. Blown.

A quick reminder.

The official soundtrack for Beatmania IIDX 15 : DJ Troopers still holds the award for most awesome cover art ever feel free to prove me wrong worthy mention goes to A PICTURE OF FINN FARTING (which renard is offering for … Read More

Why Friday is fun fun fun fun

1. Ponies. 2. It means im allowed to listen to my most favorite song ever. 3. As you can see, the shows im following this season arent exactly evenly weighted across the week. Particularly when the best 2 shows (Nichijou … Read More

Akinator (aka. The time waster)

So i only just discovered Akinator through ponychan, this thing is fucking amazing. http://us.akinator.com Basically, you think of a character, answer some questions, and it guesses who you was thinking of. I thought it was pretty good when it guessed … Read More