Lights – Skin and earth tour 2019

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Had the pleasure of finally going to see Lights ( ) in London, I remember seeing the tickets go on sale for the last time she was in the UK but decided not to go for whatever reason (probably because I didn’t want to go alone) – wasn’t going to let that stop me this time, though to my surprise, Cordelia said she wanted to come as well despite only really listening to some of the music via my car stereo.

We got there pretty early and had to spend aaages waiting outside the venue, and then a further 2 hours or so waiting around the stage for the action to start.
The support act was a girl called Lizzy Farrall – who was lively and full of spirit, but unfortunately the audio levels were all over the shop – microphone turned up so much you couldn’t hear the lyrics, drums and guitar so loud they drown everything else out. Felt pretty bad for her honestly because she was asking us to sing along and nobody knew the lyrics (because nobody had heard of her) and even if we wanted to, we could barely understand anything she was screaming into the mic.

Finally at 9pm – ( right on time I might add, I hate when musicians make you wait for ages or don’t come out until everyone is cheering and screaming for 10 straight minutes) Lights came out and totally rocked it.
Was really an impressive show, the talent was real – I don’t even think she needed the microphone her voice was so powerful, and she was also performing while playing guitar or piano.
She played through more or less the entirety of the skin and earth album, as well as a healthy dose of songs from previous albums (Last thing on your mind, Toes, Banner, Running with the boys, up we go) and then some unexpected covers: Lovefool and Cher’s Believe – the latter of which turned the song from a dance song to a slower more powerful version and was honestly really cool to vibe to.

Perfume World Tour 3rd London @ Hammersmith Apollo

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The first and hopefully last seated gig I will ever go to.

The girls came back! This time with less talk of fish and chips but more lasers and a bigger more impressive stage to play with.

World Tour 3rd in London was held at the Eventim Apollo, probably better known by locals as the Hammersmith Apollo, it was an allocated seating gig, which at first I was very apprehensive of, but decided to take the plunge anyway on the basis of ‘how often do they come to the UK’ – and well.. the show played out more or less exactly as I imagined it would in my head.

Perfume London 2014 WT3

The preshow was the usual, a huge queue outside the door even though we all have allocated seating, an even bigger queue for the merch shop – with people literally running up the stairs to the secondary shop when it was announced on the intercom (Myself included), and some fairly extortionately priced beer. After buying my tour shirt I went to find my seat, Row W on the ground floor, walking out into the hall I was shocked at how much closer everything was to how I envisioned it, the overhead map of the seating really pins everything After row J or so to be trash so I was expecting to be pretty far back, but honestly my view was great. I met a few friendly people around me, and got ignored by some less friendly people and we spent the 45mins or so chatting while the hall filled out.


The lights dimmed at 8:30, to a 3d projected map and 30 second countdown on the translucent stage curtain, the final 10 seconds or so produced a sonar effect letting us see through the curtain to the group, and then Enter the Sphere started playing and the rest is history.
Perfume were amazing, from start to finish they gave us it all, a fantastic setlist (nee, glitter, party maker, hold my hand, cling cling, seventh heaven…) , fancy lighting, lasers a plenty, a new remix of spending all my time for the interlude (which was SERIOUSLY heavy club/dance style and fucking amazing), a brief singalong to ‘Let it go’ from Frozen (?!), Handyman as the goddamn encore song (best song.) and some hilarious storytelling from A-chan.

Perfume WT3 London 6

The only thing that really set it back was the audience and venue, world tour 2nd was ridiculously packed at the front of the stage but if the crowd were jumping – so were you, it was involuntary. On the flipside, at the Hammersmith Apollo, if you jump – odds are you’re jumping alone. The problem with allocated seating is it doesn’t allow the fans to separate from one another, what I mean by that is naturally in a crowd you will have the party makers, the ones that jump and scream, then you have the other fans who stand further back, and are happy to just watch the show play out without contributing much themselves – these groups in any other gig will separate out into the front and back of the crowd respectively. It showed! There were clear pockets of fans raving to the music, and other areas which were practically dead. The man next to me looked to be in his 40’s, of course he wasn’t going to bop to ‘Spending all my time’ but after the show was over he turned over to me and said “that was fantastic!”.
It’s also worth pointing out and shaming ‘Maeda-san’ (前田?) who took on the role of translating for the girls this time round, he was absolutely useless, I think I could have done a better job, A-chan eventually started breaking into charades trying to tell her story because he was so bad.

For him: まえだーさん、次回手お上げないでください。

So that was my experience with this show, it had it’s ups and downs, i’m glad I went, but next time I think it’s standing gig or nothing. I’ve never seen an artist so clearly at a gig before, yet I think I would rather hardly see them at all and be shoved around in a moshpit ala saturday’s gig.

ps. I took my 3DS, this is what the pedometer looked like after.

Babymetal gig at the UK O2 Academy Brixton

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Tickets were a bit expensive, but oh well – how often do Babymetal come to the UK right? Maybe the money will help put them through school or pay for their driving lessons or something.

Arrived in Brixton a few hours before the doors opened, met up with luke and basically just walked around and explored Brixton a little – there wasn’t a whole lot to see, but there were some interesting looking hipster restaurants, one of which we would end up eating at. We ended up at ‘Bukowski’ who specialize in burgers, and though there was a little bit of a wait… yeah.. it was a pretty damn good burger, i got one with candied bacon, jalapeno mayo, cheese, onions, etc etc. Still not quite as good as patty and bun, but I did have to think about it for a little.


Onward to the gig, the rain was coming down pretty hard, we walked over to the o2 academy to find queues spewing from each side of the venue, with the actual queue for people who have tickets so long that the line started from the right hand side of the building and went literally around the block til it was starting to flow onto the left side of the venue – at one point there venue actually had a circular queue around it, and people couldn’t even work out where the join, that’s how bad the situation was. We would be left standing in the rain for way too long, maybe an hour and a half, until my hoodie had completely soaked through, I think i’ll bring something more waterproof for the next gig. Once finally inside, we would play the waiting game again, standing around for approximately another hour or so until everyone finally got their asses into the building.

The crowd was shockingly more ‘metal’ than I anticipated, weebs literally nowhere to be found, only rockers decked out in babymetal T-shirts and the occasional fox mask – all the stereotypes were there: punk rocker, 30something bald guy that probably rode in on a motorcycle, skinny white guy with long hair and goatee, fat goth chick with choker around her gigantic neck… There were hardly any japanese people around either, if not for the shirts one would easily be fooled into thinking this crowd were waiting to see metallica or similar.

The lights finally dimmed, and we were presented with a fake starwars sequence filling us in on what I can only assume is the lore or plot of the Babymetal tour, something about saving the world using true metal, with aid from the fox god – ridiculous, but then we were a bunch of twentysomethings about to mosh to a trio of japanese school kids who average age 15, so I guess the lore being presented is the tip of the iceberg.

After possibly an eternity, the band appeared, clad in white outfits and with faces not dissimilar to that seen in Detroit Metal City, a barrage of drums and riffs and the girls emerged from the floor to a rabid crowd. The next 80 minutes are a blur, they basically played their entire album, with a few extras worked in here and there both to let the crowd and girls take a breather, and for the band to have some fun. Highlights of course were Ii ne, Gimme choko, onedari daisakusen, dokidoki morning, ukiuki midnight…. the whole thing was good okay.
There was fire effects, fireworks, dramatic lighting, strobes, girls waving flags, capes…
The crowd was loving it, with a majority singing along to at least the chorus of most of the songs, and there was certainly no shortage of fox hands, jumping and traditional push shovery.

babymetal 6

As expected, there was an encore after the show, for which the girls played Headbanger, then just when we though it was all over, another video began to play, documenting the success of phase 2 or some shit… the video would continue to play, finally ending by signalling the start of phase 3 (presumedly 3rd world tour) and announcing a new song called ‘the one’, get hype. The song itself was pretty good, with some catchy bits for the audience to sing along to, but I suspect the entire audience was just exhausted by the relentless shoving, jumping and mosh pits that had occurred over the last hour or so (I personally thought I was going to pass out at one point after throwing myself into the pit).

Overall, great show, shame about the 3 hours of waiting for it to start but that’s more the event organization than any fault of the girls themselves.

Perfume Level 3 Album

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Quick post just to say that:

1. The new album is amazing

2. Party Maker is one of the most bizarre perfume songs ive ever heard, it is SO heavy to the extent where im not even sure if it’s something which should be on a Perfume album, but then again it seems Nakata has been on his game trying to put more dance/trance on the album.
Give it a listen below, its bizarre how it cuts between typical jpop and…some other entirely different beast.

Meng @ Perfume World Tour 2nd – London

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The queue literally went around the block, some people were apparently there at around 11am


Projection mapped performance of spending all my time was awesome to watch

Introduction, the girls were adorable speaking English


The crowd was SO HYPE.

20130705_211759Best live experience of my life, any non perfume fans could easily be converted by a few minutes in the centre of the crowd during FAKE IT, jesus that was insane.

I was a little upset they didn’t play some of my favorite songs (Natural ni koi shite, Baby Cruising Love, Kokoro no Sports) but at the same time I love pretty much all of the songs so I feel like I would have complained one way or another.

I grabbed a shirt too, Its pretty nize.


Havent heard of Perfume?
1) Im not surprised
2) Check em out.

Update: lol, there I am.


Apparently KPOP aint bad.

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I hadn’t really be exposed to much KPOP before a few days ago, I had heard the occasional track through DJ Amaya’s stuff (who remixes Korean, Japanese and other tracks into club music) but I had never truly listen to it to much depth.

I recently started listening to 2NE1 after hearing their track on Dance Central 3, this is where I found they actually have a very heavy beat and lots of nice synth – most of their tracks seem to be a mix of dance, hiphop and pop – which I am pretty okay with.
Heres one of their English songs if you want a sample of what im talking about

After this, or rather, whilst downloading some of their music, i stumbled upon isohunts ‘KPOP & STUFF’ releases – – Massive packs of 100+ songs per pack, of which I presume are hits (but I honestly haven’t a clue), after having a listen through the first and second packs, I realised that I hadn’t actually skipped a single track, this stuff is good…
I was shocked.
I’m not actually sure if its just this pack which is filled of this sort of music, but for now, I kind of just expect korean music to be essentially dance music mixed with a little hiphop.

If you fancy something different, i’d definitely recommend grabbing Packs 1 and/or 2 from the link above.

Owl City – The midsummer Station (2012) review

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Just a little plug for ol’ owl city since im ‘borrowing’ the album
‘The midsummer Station’ is good. Surprisingly good.

Not that his older albums were bad (ive listened to them all), but this album has more of a grownup feel to it, utilizing heavier beats and effects usually saved for dance/dubstep artists.
Songs in this album seem to be divided into pop-rock stuff and what is essentially dance/club music, both of which are pretty catchy.

For example, bombshell blonde (linked below, cant embed as copyrighted and stuff)
Like… wat.

Remember this is the pansy that made fireflies.

Give it a try, turn it up, you might actually enjoy it, although you probably still wont tell your friends about it, nobody wants to be that guy listening to Owl city after all.

Princess Ghibli – Ghibli Metal covers

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I kind of downlaoded this just for a laugh after seeing the below trailer for it, it just sounded hilarious. And yet here i am, 3 days on, still listening to it, im not sure I still like it ironically or what.
I mean i used to listen to alot of metal back in the day (Slipknot, Mudvayne, SOAD, Disturbed, Korn, Sonata Arctica etc etc) so it wouldnt be completely out of character to genuinely enjoy the album. Nonetheless, its below if you guys fancy it

I think my favorite track is still track 5 – princess mononoke just because its so hilariously odd hearing the original japanese singing accompanied by about 15 guitars and 7 drumsets

‘World Order’

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So i only discovered this group (?) the other day when I saw it in my youtube newsfeed

So, crazy japanese electro-house group with some elaborate choreography, no big deal right?
And then i did a little research on the group, and it turns out the Lead singer(?) , producer and so on is an ex K-1 Fighter, built like a fucking beast with full tattoos and shit.
Then doing a little more research found this video…

This guy is a fucking boss.


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【ニコニコ動画】ビッグブリッヂの死闘 を弾いてみました【おまけつき】

^Pretty damn amazing, not sure what instrument that is but 2 pedals AND 2 keyboards? (AND A DRAGON SUIT?!)
v Second video is actually even more impressive IMO (kirby)

【ニコニコ動画】星のカービィ グルメレースを弾いてみました

Can find really weird and awesome stuff on nicovideo, the japanese are mad dedicated when it comes to song covers (or pre-teen dancing girls)