Wraysbury Reservoir

Was sort of nearby to my hotel in Heathrow, I wanted to take a walk closer to the airport runways on Wednesday, but started feeling very ill and instead wound up in bed for that evening which is a shame.

Hainault Forest

Got bored and took a stroll around the my local forest, really muddy, and the main path into the forest was fenced off, but did that stop me? hells no. Also, this one from the other day when the sky … Read More

Southend on sea

Was scheduled to do a store in southend today, went there and apparently the work had already been done, So instead I walked around the beach for an hour or so. Not a bad day of work?

Life – January 2014

Life So after a nice relaxing christmas holiday with lots of time off, i’m back in the saddle travelling around the country for work. Have clocked up about 800 miles over the last two weeks if thats any indication, and … Read More