‘The Purge’ is the worst film I have seen in years.

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So after watching the latest Rick and Morty episode, we got curious and ended up watching The Purge, which turned out to be absolutely awful.

I can’t remember the last time a film made me so angry, there is literally no likeable character in the entire film.

Spoilers ahead but you shouldn’t watch this film anyway so i’m basically protecting you.

The son: Lets a stranger into their locked down home on purge night, the night where everyone runs around trying to murder everyone else, when a large armed mob approaches their home and demands to have the stranger, he complains and basically refuses to let them have him – putting his entire family at risk of being brutally murdered.

The daughter: her boyfriend sneaks into the house and attempts to murder her dad – who shoots him in the stomach, she obviously still loves him very much despite this, and stays by his side til the end. After this, she doesn’t bother to question why the power has been cut to their house, and takes the boyfriends gun and wanders around the house without a light, where she is promptly captured by the stranger and held hostage.

The mother: Sides with the son and doesn’t want to give the stranger up to the mob outside, turns on the husband and basically calls him a monster despite the fact the dad is the only sane one in the house who is thinking rationally, and is only trying to protect his family. She also doesn’t feel it’s appropriate to parent her children properly, and lets them run around the house unattended despite the fact that all sorts of bad shit is going down.

The father: holy shit learn to be a parent, both of your kids are little shits and you are taking orders from them? Protect the random guy and endanger everyone’s lives? Seems like a good idea to me! Better idea still! Lets essentially join them, and become a mass murderer for the sake of keeping your autistic son happy!


The end? they murder all of the people trying to get into the house, and the dad dies.

Good fucking job son, your inability to think rationally has gotten your father murdered, but hey at least the random black guy that was on the street is saved! Your huge house is not only completely vandalized and covered in blood, but is also going to be repossessed because your mum is now a single parent because of your dumb ass.

Fuck this film. I was hoping the entire family would get purged but nope, because that would be too much of a happy ending.

A rant about Metal Gear Solid V

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So thanks to the wonders of internet companionship I’ve spent essentially the last week or so playing through the wondrous metal Gear solid 5, and thought I’d do a little rant about it.

The gameplay itself is so very solid (ahem),  going into outposts and abducting entire squads of guards and any vehicles they have is a incredibly addictive, and the core sneaking stuff is really good as well, however the game starts to rapidly fall apart once you have completed the main story and become left with just the side missions.

Speaking of the story,  the game barely even feels like a metal Gear solid game,  the core story is light at best and a complete joke once you hit the end of chapter one.  It is probably the only game to pleasantly delight and then brutally disappoint me with its game length, in the space of only a few hours.

mgsvtpp 2015-09-05 20-47-23-90

For those who haven’t played it, after maybe 30 hours/missions of gameplay and a major boss fight, the game rolls its credits, practically nothing in the story has been explained and you are left feeling confused and upset…  But then you get a ‘trailer’  for chapter 2! And the game swiftly transitions into chapter 2! Fantastic! And then in an almost taunting fashion the game takes that joy away over the next few hours. Where the previous 30 missions were interesting and somewhat advance the plot, the next 20 missions consist of 14 hard mode missions you have already played,  and 6 proper story missions, of which manage to introduce more questions rather than answers – and then the game ends.

Apparently people have dug into game files and found art for chapter 3, suggesting that the game was due a significant amount more content, and behind the scenes footage which show an episode 51 would have at least provided some closure to one of the games many plotlines.

mgsvtpp 2015-09-02 19-09-11-76

Playing the postgame content becomes almost upsetting afterwards, a selection of maybe 6 different objectives which all play out more or less the same way, sneak in, neutralise everyone and then escape with prisoner /Intel.

The open world offers nothing but a collection of barren land and a collection of outposts and structures you have been to during the story.

I also have grown to despise the mother base expansion system, with the game requiring you to have X amount of materials before you can upgrade to increase your population cap, these materials are only generated while you play, and you will only recieve a relative trickle compared to how much is required for the later upgrades.

There is almost no doubt that the latter is formulated in such a way to make way for their shitty microtransaction crap, the same stuff they claim is not required –  a new base requires 1000+ mb coins, yet you will recieve maybe 20 or so per day for a login (this tiny amount of coin isn’t even guaranteed, as the login bonus is often a bunch of plants or irrelevant material).

The game has a dispaych system which lets you send out your recruited soldiers to do stuff for reward, but the majority of them run on ingame time, there is another selection of missions which run on real time but these take 1-2 whole days to complete, and will contribute towards your teams limit (which is, again, linked to bases you can only really build with real money). The ridiculous amount of time it takes for these real time missions to complete is so ridiculous that is you are playing the game even vaguely regularly its more efficient just to pick the ingame time missions, so why even put the real time ones in the game?  =/

The FOB / PVP stuff seems pretty silly as well, you can invade each others bases and steal their resources and men, fair enough, a tried and tested formula which worked well in Dark Souls… except the part where you get invaded while you’re offline and there isn’t much you can do to stop it because the AI guards are useless as fuck. Seriously mindblowing, I log in every day to see that my resources and men have been stolen and theres fuck all I can do about it. 10/10 PVP.

mgsvtpp 2015-09-04 09-59-05-06

Spoilers below this point :

Did i mention how unfinished the story is yet? What happens to psycho mantis and the man on fire, what happens to huey? What about quiet who carrying the English strain of the virus (you know, the virus that the whole game is basically based on).

I also really REALLY hate that quiet leaves and essentially locks you out of using her for the postgame, you can supposedly hack her back in on PC but god it’s so ridiculous that you even have to consider it.

Spoilers end here

MGS5 is one of the best games this year, even in it’s half finished state with it’s bad design choices – however the fact that this is the last game in the series by Kojima makes me sad that it just wasn’t as good as it could have been. Small tweaks here and there could have easily taken this game to legendary status, but instead we are left with a collection of ‘extract X’ missions tied together by the weakest metal gear storyline in the series.

This has been an awful rant typed up on my phone while waiting for a package to be delivered at work, it’s probably painful to read, you have my sympathies.

mgsvtpp 2015-09-11 19-18-23-46

‘Always Online’

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The current debate over the ‘Always Online’ neccesity of the Xbox720 is pretty justified, emphasised by the fact that Adam Orth has since been let go from Microsoft for his recent twitter rant.

Always online shouldn’t really be a problem, and as much as people are panicking now, it probably wont be a problem for most people – Instability is the problem, both in a sense of some people have unstable connections, and that if the master servers become unstablized for whatever reason, millions of gamers will be unable to play.

Games companies seem to be constantly leaning closer towards ‘Games as a service’ rather than ‘Games as a product’ which is a terrifying fact for the consumer, we’ve all seen what happens to the online support in old EA games for example, or the recent fiascos that were the Diablo 3 launch and Simcity 2013 launch – people are terrified of spending money on things they wont be able to use.
If there were a mobile phone which wouldnt let you get past your lockscreen without having any signal would anyone still buy it? Probably not – why? – because that sounds fucked up, and yet its exactly what Microsoft are going to introduce if Adam Orth is correct in his ranting.

No internet? The game will shut itself down.

What if I have a bad ISP? What if my wifi connection is spotty?

Basically, what im saying is…

The Square Enix situation

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“Let’s talk about Sleeping Dogs: we were looking at selling roughly 2~2.5 million units in the EUR/NA market based on its game content, genre and Metacritic scores. In the same way, game quality and Metacritic scores led us to believe that Hitman had potential to sell 4.5~5 million units and 5~6 million units for Tomb Raider in EUR/NA and Japanese markets combined.

“For reference, Sleeping Dogs has moved 1.75 million copies, Hitman Absolution 3.6 million and Tomb Raider 3.4 million.”


This article was kind of an eye opener, and the comments say a ton.
Im not entirely sure what planet the directors at squeenix are on when they expect their franchises to sell such obscene amounts.
Sales figures of 3.6 Million for Hitman Absolution is incredible! Hitman!
According to a quick bit of research, blood money and contracts both only sold about 1 Million each.
Why on earth then, are they expecting 5 million sales for Absolution?

On the plus side, its likely Square Enix are one step closer to pushing ‘The button’
Perhaps the new president Matsuda will have more of an itchy finger, or will develop one when the PS4 comes out…

Resident Evil 6 PC

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Now, i’m going to start off by saying that I did not play this game for very long before passing judgement on it. In fact, I played 3 out of the 4 modes, and probably only really spent 2 hours on it total.

That said, the reason I did not play this game for very long, or indeed, even pass Act 1 of any of the scenarios I played, is because the game is borderline unplayable for anyone who has any taste in games.

At least the game looks alright while its being shit I guess.

Resident Evil 6 might just be the sum of everything that is wrong with video games this generation – horrific design choices, an exhausted franchise and uninteresting and reused ideas.

Right from the get-go the game is filled with seriously questionable design choices and as you sit through and play more of the game, not only will you get a headache (like an actual one, due to the camera) but you will likely suffer from mental exhaustion from how often you find yourself wondering how such a high budget game could be so bad.

Instead of the traditional ‘review’ stuff I do, I’ve decided to just list everything that is wrong with the game – and bare in mind this is only the stuff I ran into in the first Chapter or 2 – If Resident evil keeps true to the series and the continuing trend of the past 2 games, then no doubt you can add in ‘Frustrating Boss mechanics’, ‘Unfair enemy type’ and ‘Cutscene QTE which kills you’ to the list.

Major / Design Flaws:
1) Menu system is complicated and inconsistent
This is particularly true for those trying to play with a Mouse and Keyboard, where you have to mix and match the two to be able to carry out certain functions. In addition, the menu is just too cluttered to be put to efficient use – Its hard to believe that they have gone back in such a way that the menu stuff in Resi4, or even the simplified menu stuff in Resi5 looks simple and well presented.

Use Keyboard to do the below, but you need to use your mouse to select the item… (oh but don’t hit Right mouse button or it’ll just exit out of the whole menu, genius.)

2) Difficulty Scales based on damage done to the player
This might be partially wrong and enemies may take longer to kill as well, but the main gripe I had with  playing on Hard mode was that instead of increased enemy AI, additional enemies, more scarce ammo etc – the only thing that happened was that zombies took 66% of my max health per hit, compared to 16%. In a game where half the time you will be getting hit due to other bad design choices in the game, this seems to render the game near unplayable in itself, and leads nicely into…..

3) Forced encounters still do damage
There was a scene where a zombie would be triggered as I walked past a door, it jumps straight onto you and you have to quicktime it off – the problem lies in that as soon as it jumps onto you, it takes 33% of your health and is seemingly unavoidable (so help you if you fail the QTE as well)

The bits of the environment which arent obscured by Leons back are sort of nice looking I guess. (I wouldn’t know)

4) The fucking Camera
Is horrible. HORRIBLE.
The only reason Resident Evil 6 qualifies as a Survival horror game instead of a straight action game is probably due to the difficulty of trying to survive any encounter due to the horrific camera.
4a) Its too damn close – It actually gives me a headache every play session, also the back of your character takes up 30% of the screen.
I actually did some math based on some screenshots, when moving around and playing normally, the playermodel takes up 529k/2010k pixels, equal to 26.3% (Over 1/4 of your screen at all times), when aiming or in a combat scenario this goes up to 644k/2010k, or 32% (1/3 of your screen real estate).
Imagine your friend comes to stay over a weekend, and brings enough shit to fill up 32% of your room, you would tell him to FUCK RIGHT OFF.
4b) The FOV is too small – Again, leading to headaches. I know its survival horror but is it so much to ask to be able to see more than 30 degrees in front of me (again, thanks to my character model taking up so much space)
4b) It clips on walls, floors, and just about anything else you dont want it to clip to – This leads to the camera feeling ‘bumpy’ or behaving oddly when moving around corners, and let me tell you, there are a lot of fucking corners in this game. If a house is constructed of bricks, this game is constructed of corners…. This leads nicely into 5)

May as well be playing on a goddamn 4:3 monitor.

5) Autorun, and excessive collision on walls, and poor character cornering 
Im controlling a character that has seen more zombie scenarios than frank west and yet this motherfucker cant do a 90 degree turn round a corner properly?
Autorun almost makes sense, in a game where previous installments would have you holding down sprint at every opportunity anyway, sure. But when your character cant turn corners properly when running, and is always running? Oh boy. Did anyone playtest this shit?

6) Quicktime events
Really? We still have quicktime events in 2013?
And this game makes you press buttons for everything, I think I was forced to focus harder on cutscenes than the enemies whilst playing, because even mundane shit like abseiling from a helicopter, or looking accelerating in a car requires a button press or two.
Its almost like they saw that Heavy Rain was critically aclaimed and decided to make it an elaborate in-joke for Resi6 by filling the game with button-for-action bits at every opportunity possible.
This is made even worse in the PC version where the game will present you with such classics as [SPACE+R] or [Mash A and D]

Seriously? like… Seriously?…… Seriously…?

7) Nonsensical instant death traps
There is a particular scene in Leon A1C3 which this is directed at; this section takes place in an underground rail system, at one point there are 2 train tracks, with a chain link fence in the middle of the two, zombies begin chasing you from behind – On my first attempt I ran left, where my radio-helper lady tells me a train is coming, I get hit from behind by the train, no QTE, no nothing. Now anyone with half a brain would assume ‘okay, I just picked the wrong track’, So i retry and sprint down the right side this time, zombies still at my rear, “a train is coming Leon “, the train light approaches – I get hit from behind again. I literally quit the Leon campaign there and then, and no doubt there are other sections like this in the game which I simply havent encountered yet.


Minor / “who thought this was a good idea” flaws
1) The control scheme
Its too complicated in general, but certain things bug me – for example the button for reload is the same as the button for ‘pick up item’. Becuase you obviously wouldnt want to have absolute control over when you are reloading, being an action horror game and all – there were a few occasions where I would have to mash the shit out of reload to first pick up all the items in the immediate vicinity before the game would let me reload to finish off the zombie stabbing me for 66% of my health each hit.
1x) I’d also like to add that the PC control scheme is probably worse than Hitler.

2) Zombies with guns that stagger you
Really? We’re still using the stagger mechanic? Zombies now get ranged weapons which are capable of knocking you down? are you serious?

3) Lipsync is off in cutscenes (as expected?)
Minor, but c’mon guys, its 2013, there are characters on the internet where we don’t know if they are CGI or not but you guys cant get lip sync right?

4) Its boring and uninspired
Remember when Resi games were about exploration? Even Resi 4 had some element of exploration in it, but Resi 6 from what i’ve seen is full of corridors guiding you down a very expectant path filled with enemies to stop and kill, they may as well have just released another sequel to the ‘Resident Evil Survivor’ on rails lightgun games of the 00’s
Final Fantasy 13 is almost an open field compared to this game.

5) Set Scenes where you have to follow an NPC who moves really slowly
Enough said.

6) PC Framerate can be inconsistent
The game would switch between running at flawless 60, and jittery 60 (as in, smooth 60 but with 0.1s hitches every second or so). Weird.

I tried pretty hard to play this game, I really wanted to be able to say that I gave it a chance before slating the shit out of it, But I couldn’t. The game is that bad.
Life is too short to waste on media like this, I’ve wasted the time doing it so you don’t have to.

Approximate Game Length :  ????
Actual Worth / Shop Price :  £4 / £20 = 0.2 (For online co-op)
Actual Worth / Shop Price :  £1 / £20 = 0.05 (If playing Solo)
Should you play it : Avoid like cancer.
Rating: 0/5

This is the best part of the game right here, and i’m not even joking.

Conclusive proof that the average gameFAQs user is about 10 years old

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Any other series would have been fine, even if pokemon was highest, it wouldnt prove that gameFAQs users are mostly children, because pokemon was actually a good game.

(I totally voted Donkey Kong Country, but Advance Wars or Punch Out would be fucking sweet too. Not much of a Fire emblem or Metroid fan… )

So the human body can be pretty stupid sometimes.

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The body needs iron to function properly, it stores it in a molecule called ‘Ferritin’, now here is where stupid comes in…


– If capacity of storage of iron in ferritin is exceeded, a complex of iron with phosphate and hydroxide forms called Hemosiderin
– If burden of iron increases beyond normal levels, hemosiderin can be deposited in the liver and heart, this can reach a point where function in these organs becomes impaired and death ensues.”


Why would you….
This is like a guy living in a closed box that likes money so much he decides to throw away all his food to fill his fridge with money and then proceed to block all air holes in the room with money.
I dont even.
Why do mechanisms like this exist? :|

Spaztastic phone

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I dont get it.

Sometimes it goes from max battery to 0% battery [BATTERY LOW WARNING] over the course of an hour , Sometimes it lasts 12 hours, sometimes I can leave it on for 3 straight days….

I find it pretty ironic also that it has gps tracking systems and all this shit, however the only time you’d need it is if you’re lost somewhere and by that time the batteries would have probably died anyway :|

Cant actually remember if I showed you guys actually, its the phone I got for christmas randomly because my parents couldnt think of anything to buy me – Ye ol’ Sony ericson Satio. Beasty fuckin’ camera.


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Some people seriously blow my mind.

Can you imagine him describing a house he bought?
“2 bedrooms, small TV but it could be an 80″ flatscreen, oh and ive got a hoover but it could be a fully articulating five function robot that can read my mind and has feelings. floorboards.”


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University bit:

So, making some revision notes atm whilst listening to the remixed Wii Cave Story OST. Came across this prime example of why being a biology student sucks dick.


“Pol III Accessory factors:-
Assembly factors:
– TF IIIA – Binds to C box
– TF IIIC – Binds to B Box, large subunit complex
Transcription factor:
– TF IIIB – Binds to A Box, multi subunit protein, composed of the TATA binding protein, TBP and other polypeptides.”


What the fuck is wrong with you people! if it binds to ‘C Box’ , why not call that fucker ‘ TFIII C’ !
12 Exams coming, FML.

Gaming bit:

In other news, Army of two 40th Day came today, pretty reasonable game – nothing mind blowing but its some good fun in split screen co-op, Which – aside from abit of anime or films, is the main way we bond.

I Hacked my Wii the other day with a little help from some online guides and a friend, one of my housemates has already hacked his wii so I had a little bit of what to expect and really basic stuff which i think helped somewhat. It was actually pretty easy to do, dump a bunch of stuff onto an SD card and then follow instructions. I still dont really understand A LOT of things about it though, there are tons of options and files which I dont really get, but im sure i’ll work it out eventually. Ive managed to get NSMBwii running off my USB stick for now, my brother went out and bought a wii motion plus and we ordered an external HDD which will hopefully be compatible with the console. With any luck we’ll be able to stick all the games on the HDD and everything will be dandy.

Anime bit:

Started watching ‘G.T.O’ or Great Teacher Onizuka yesterday, didnt expect to end up getting a little carried away and watching 1/4 of the series (and its a 40something episode series too). Funny anime, although it has its fair share of serious bits too.

Closing a chapter of my life

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So , better get this out so i can go about forgetting faster.

Sunday whilst exploring fran’s facebook inbox i came across messages between her and some guy , called her up about it and turns out she’s been sleeping with some guy for the past week. Broke up over the phone on monday morning.
I fear i will have trust issues with future girls given the fact that frances completely lied to me about stuff even as i asked her over the phone , god knows what else she’s lied about , who knows maybe she was seeing other people during my entire first year of uni.

So im single again (ladies?), on the plus side now i have more time to spend with the real love of my life…

Frances : 19th May 08 – 7th Feb 2010
It was good while it lasted~ you cheating bitch!

Blood Test

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So i went to the doctors a few days ago to get a blood test , today my mum went to the hospital , confidence’d the guards and waltz into the staff area of the hospital she used to work at , she then went to her old ward and just went behind the main desk and started using the computer to check the pathology section of the intraweb.

According to the blood test results , everything of mine seems to be fine but im low on white blood cells (neutrophils in particular) and platelets (the things which let your blood clot)
I thought id try and check google to see if theres anything in particular I can try and eat to boost my WBC’s or platelets , unfortunately there doesnt seem to be any simple dietary fix.
The best advice i managed to find was ‘Try to avoid injurying yourself’
Fucking fantastic. thanks google
Ill have to make some major lifestyle changes there , im pretty much just throwng myself into rough looking walls and piles of glass currently.

Oh. in other news , i just ordered some £70 5.1 surround speakers since im fed up of having a sound card worth £65 and speakers worth approximately £8
Went with the Creative Inspire T6200 , gotta be reppin’ dat Creative , ive got 3 creative mp3 players a headset and a soundcard so i figure i may as well get speakers to match.


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One can easily forget sometimes that wikipedia isnt actually written by top scientists or anything of the sort , almost all articles are up for editing meaning the 200 words you just stole for your coursework could very easily have been written by a 14 year old crackhead with down syndrome. Case in point.



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So after talking with anony about his PC i got to wondering how much money ive cumulatively spent on my pc , something one should never do.


1 x XFX 7600GT XXX Edition 256mb DDR3 590mhz clock Dual DVI PCI-E 109721 Warehouse Invoiced Track £118.98 £118.98
1 x Extra Value Silver/Black Mid Tower Gaming Case with 350W PSU 20+4pin 103064 Warehouse Invoiced Track £34.02 £34.02
1 x Seagate ST3250824AS 250GB 7200RPM SATA300 8MB Cache – OEM 105761 Warehouse Invoiced Track £50.87 £50.87
1 x Logitech OEM S200 2.1 Speakers Black/Silver – 17W RMS 92986 Warehouse Invoiced Track £11.89 £11.89
1 x Buffalo AirStation Low Profile PCI Adapter 82316 Warehouse Invoiced Track £20.61 £20.61
1 x Labtec Standard Keyboard Plus – Black 88418 Warehouse Invoiced Track £3.09 £3.09
1 x Extra Value Class II Bluetooth Dongle Small Form Factor Upto 10M 92075 Warehouse Invoiced Track £4.06 £4.06
1 x Newlink UK Kettle Lead – UK Plug – IEC Socket 1.2m 20293 Warehouse Invoiced Track £1.06 £1.06
1 x Logitech headset Dialog-812/stereo + Microphone – OEM 48085 Warehouse Invoiced Track £7.16 £7.16
1 x Logitech MX518 Gaming Grade Silver Optical Mouse -PS2/USB 88417 Warehouse Invoiced Track £24.66 £24.66
1 x AMD Athlon 64 3200+ Socket AM2 (2.0GHz) 512kb Cache 67W HT1600 Retail Boxed proc 111285 Warehouse Invoiced Track £58.21 £58.21
1 x Asus M2N-E Socket AM2 NF570ULTRA Audio Lan USB2 2000FSB SATA ATX 112086 Warehouse Invoiced Track £59.53 £59.53
1 x Crucial 1GB DDR2 533MHz/PC2-4200 Memory Non-ECC Unbuffered CL4 Lifetime warr 63618 Warehouse Invoiced Track £54.83 £54.83
1 x LG GSA-4167BRL 16x Dual Layer Dual Format DVD ± RW Writer – Black Retail Pack 97238 Warehouse Invoiced Track £24.99 £24.99


1 x Seagate ST3250820AS 250GB 7200RPM SATA300 8MB Cache – OEM 111515 Warehouse Invoiced Track £40.89 £40.89


1 x Saitek Eclipse II Keyboard 118274 Warehouse Invoiced Track £25.17 £25.17


1 x Corsair 520W HX Series Modular PSU – ATX12V v2.2 APFC 114945 Warehouse Invoiced Track £53.91 £53.91


1 x Western Digital WD5000AAKS 500GB SATA II 7200RPM 16MB Cache – OEM 124228 Warehouse Invoiced Track £53.49 £53.49


1 x Antec P182 Black SPCR Advanced Super Mid Tower – No PSU 100727 Warehouse Invoiced Track £68.40 £68.40

1 x AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ 3GHz Socket AM2 2MB L2 Cache Retail Boxed Processor 125202 Warehouse Invoiced Track £83.74 £83.74
1 x Zalman CNPS 9700 LED Socket 754, 940, 775, 939 & AM2 CPU cooler 120876 Warehouse Invoiced Track £29.24 £29.24
1 x Kingston 2GB Kit (2x1GB) DDR2 800MHz/PC2-6400 Memory Non-ecc CL5 Unbuffered 1.8V 129954 Warehouse Invoiced Track £32.88 £32.88
1 x OCZ Ultra 5+ Silver Thermal Compound 66688 Warehouse Invoiced Track £4.05 £4.05


1 x Creative HS 900 Headset With Noise Cancelling Microphone – gold plated 3.5mm Jack 128206 Warehouse Invoiced Track £26.18 £26.18
1 x Creative SoundBlaster X-Fi Xtreme Music OEM Soundcard 112512 Warehouse Invoiced Track £41.69 £41.69


1 x BFG 8800GTS 512MB GDDR3 Dual DVI TV Out PCI-E Graphics Card 138682 Warehouse Invoiced Track £136.12 £136.12


1 x LG GSA-H55LBL 20X DVD±RW/DL/Ram LightScribe Black Bare Drive – OEM 136321 Warehouse Invoiced Track £13.39 £13.39

Holy. fucking. Shit.

Comes to about £1100… which sounds bad but i guess it isnt soooo bad considering i made a 2nd pc for the family out of it and have had a high end pc for about 3 years now.

UL7|24 B347D0\/\/N

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So as some of you may know , DR4G0NF0R(3 is coming out with a new album soon , its going to be called…


Which is pretty much THE BEST album title ever conceived , ever.

“Tom (Cross) says:
It sounds like they’re taking rejected names from a pokemon move naming contest and naming albums after them”

I actually never thought of that before. Lets review a few of these rejected moves.

“Fury of the Storm” – Dragon type , does shitfuckton of damage

“My Spirit Will Go on” – Ghost / Dragon Type , Auto ressurects the pokemon after death

“Cry of the brave (bonus track)” – Dragon Type , Kinda like Roar , only the bonus version.

“Through the Fire and Flames” – Dragon Type , immunity to fire… and flames.

“Operation Ground and Pound” – Ground/Dragon Type , Throws a military style tantrum and starts pounding the floor

“Body Breakdown” – Dragon type , pokemon decomposes.

“Invocation of the Apocalyptic Evil” – Dragon Type , Automatically defeats everything

And so i set off… to make my own dragonforce song.

And the result?



(Guitar Solo)




(7 Minute Guitar Solo)



(Guitar Solo)

I think it came out pretty well myself.

Im yet to decide on a suitable track title though. Maybe something like ‘UNIVERSE ETERNITY FIRE’

Perhaps one of you can leave a title in the comment box :3

Seans Other PC

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Nothing to blog , so some shots of seans media center PC heatsink.

Its big which allows for maximum ponage cooling.
Hardcore overclockers like sean need this shit. Even if its for his backup/mediacenter pc

If you want to read the rest of it and i know you all do because you’re all techbums , the full article is here :

1 2 3