Skyfall (2012)

Before I start, im going to go ahead and say Skyfall isnt a bad film.Its easy when writing reviews to always focus on the things that annoy you about the film and skyfall had these little annoyances by the truckload, … Read More

The Raid : Redemption (2011)

So ‘The Raid’ is the sort of action movie made for people like me, people with short attention spans, who probably dont watch films very often, and arent too bothered by a lack of cohesive plot solong as the film … Read More

Payday: The Heist

Note: Readers in the UK can get this game for cheaps/free by buying/photographing this months edition of PC Gamer magazine. There is another code in there for DOTA2 beta invite too. Payday has been out for about a year now, … Read More

‘Dark Savior’ tribute

This is a tribute to one of the best games ive ever played, a long forgotten game which I feel like only I have played. Dark savior was a roleplaying game for the saturn, an isometric 3d game with a … Read More


Uwaaaaahhh~ So pretty much a week without a proper blog post. I guess i should put something down at least. Time for a few reviews then i guess Saw ‘Ponyo on the cliff by the sea’ earlier today , one … Read More