The genius (Korean TV)

Did you enjoy Kaiji or Liar Game?┬áHave you ever watched a show and thought to youself ‘This is cool and all, but I wish they would backstab each other more’? Well do I have the show for you! My brother … Read More

Liar Game, and the mind games genre

So after watching this week’s episodes of Liar Game, I couldn’t help but make a blog post. It’s fairly rare that I watch live action series nowadays, mostly because they are long and time consuming, one or two episodes of … Read More

Emergency Couple

So after speeding through 180something episodes of Running Man (and these episodes are like 90 mins each mind.), It was almost inevitable that I would end up eventually dipping my large disgusting feet into the gigantic world of Korean drama. … Read More

Running Man

So, Running man is pretty much my new favourite TV show, I originally found it after being hooked up with a jpopsuki account and seeing that the latest episode featured 2ne1. Running Man is a korean variety gameshow with special … Read More