10 Years since Warwick University

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Just came back from our big 10 year anniversary reunion meetup, we rented a house on the border of Wales and England for the weekend and went to reminisce about easier times, drink lots and just try and forget how old we’ve become.

It was really good fun and so nice to see everyone again, getting the entire group together, at times it really did feel like nothing had changed, everyone still split into their smaller groups, the heavy drinkers downed their drinks, the usual suspects were useless at boardgames and ring of fire as normal.
Christina and Ian did some ‘organised fun’ which actually turned out to be really good – a quiz featuring general university fact knowledge, a ‘what happened next’ round with pictures, a university era ‘name that track’ round, an elaborate lab / bakeoff setup where we had to try and recreate a university favourite cocktail from their individual components, and a round where we had to write our first opinion of someone, and then we went around and guessed who they all related to etc.

The house was nice, if a little dusty,  I do wish there were more bedrooms though, we had 13 beds and only 4 bedrooms – I narrowly missed one of the better rooms which unfortunately meant I had to go into the room with all of the noisy people. I retired early on the first night due to too much alcohol, and was promptly woken up at 5am by a combo of incredibly loud snoring courtesy of Ronak and Sonal – I actually anticipated people would snore so I had already put my earplugs in but it was genuinely a case of as soon as they fell asleep, I got woken up. After 5 minutes of thinking if I could fall asleep in that noise, I ended up having to relocate to the lounge and sleeping on a spare duvet, thankfully not as bad as you might think, but the floor was pretty hard.

On the second day we went for a hike in the forest, really hilly around that area, and it had been raining the previous day, so conditions were pretty ripe for people to slip over or get coated in mud, thankfully no major casualties, though after half an hour of walking we did decide to take a shortcut down a very steep slope which ended up in a few of the girls falling over (Liz and Annie). Later that night we played Codenames (infamous ‘sport 3’ incident courtesy of Sonal) and Murder in the Dark which was really fun but slightly ruined by Luke and Ian being too drunk and basically just trying to ruin the game for everyone else – we were basically all just stumbling around in the pitch black trying not to grope each other.

I thought i’d take this opportunity to also list some of my personal favourite memories from my university days:
– My first night drinking on the piazza with a bunch of strangers
– Sprinting full pelt through the cryfield corridors
– Corridor slip and slide (even if Jamie ruined it)
– The first time I went to Oceana in birmingham
– The outdoor slip and slide
– Waiting for Gemma in her room and her appearing in a towel and screaming
– Roaming around cryfield and going into someone’s garden, after heavy snow, with Gemma
– Playing around with Ben’s DJ setup and learning how to do a basic mix
– Playing Halo with Duncan and learning the MLG map callouts to be able to understand and play with him better
– Many nights playing Rock Band/ Guitar Hero
– The entirety of the Ibiza holiday, which I still remember vividly – from our ridiculous long walk to take the girls home, to water party, to London bar and Kate teaching Phil how to pick up girls, to getting way too drunk in the russian bar and being woken up by a european guy trying to sober me up with a glass of water.
– Ed having to ‘Wait’
– Royal Fish Bar and their battered chips
– Visiting the girls house and laughing at how ridiculous their hallway shower was
– Ronak’s house party, drinking too much and passing out in the biomed bed, waking up mid coma to see Gem half dressed
– Walking up that damn hill every morning to get to lectures
– Many nights in ‘Crash’
– playing Mao in one of the first weeks with Tim, Luke and others
– ‘Sitting in the dark and talking about our feelings’
– Going to a halloween house party dressed as an ensemble of tetris blocks
– Seeing ‘Drag me to Hell’ at the student cinema and us all pissing ourselves laughing and screaming because of how loud it was
– Frog Disection during labs
– Playing with the liquid nitrogen for my final year project
– Ronak’s bed in the tree
– Eventually heading over to Gemma for a long talk on the night I broke up with Frances, after aimlessly walking around Leamington in the cold dark. It was a shitty night, but im glad I had someone to talk to.
– My 21st birthday party,. where we somehow made an absurd mess after deciding to antique people with flour
– Standing outside the kitchen window one night, and scaring the shit out of Ian – his double take after he saw me outside in the dark is something i’ll never forget.
– The few times I heard others having sex in the house – gross but hilarious and something I suspect I won’t forget.
– Archery Club
– The random time we were invited to play Octopush in the swimming pool
– Pub Golf night
– The ridiculous room pranks, from the alien egg in Ian’s room, to ronak’s room being filled with plastic spoons, to entire rooms being relocated to common areas.
– Trying to freeze duncan’s toothbrush in a block of ice




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So we’re coming towards finishing the second week of my laboratory work, 2 more weeks to go (i think)
I feel like we havent actually got much stuff done, and im worried about getting results i’ll need for my project work, as I mentioned in a previous post,  the lab is supposed to involve making some synthetic genes to put into plants and then seeing what happens, but with only 2 weeks left im not entirely sure we’ll be able to do that – how long does it take to make a gene? and then how long will it take the plant to grow? (surely >2 weeks total)

^ Picture of my workarea in the glasshouse, where I had to pull the flowers off of these plants, the flowers as you can see if you click to open fullsize – are the little white/yellow bits on the ends of the stems. I had to fill 20 1.5ml eppendorf tubes with the flowers, with each tube holding maybe 100? (so around 2000 probably)
I Did this over 2 days, about 10 hours work ~.~

(The pictures in the glasshouses are weird and look like someone taking a picture of a SDTV because of the special lighting they use in there for the plants)

^ The next job involved  taking sliques from the flowers (essentially a small tube of seeds), pulling the petals off and then slicing both ends of the tube with a razor blade, these things are on the scale of…. maybe if you imagine about 33% of a grain of rice? (really tiny)

Then there was the flower grinding using liquid nitrogen…

and then finally…

^ The microscopy room, where various microscopes are rigged up to computers (that one on the left has a 30″ monitor). They are used for various things, for example putting fluorescent markers into cells or just phenotypic analysis [in english: put radioactive stuff into cells, microscope can see the radiation and shows it as fluorescent green, alternatively they can be used for looking at shape/structure of stuff]I was tasked here for a few hours to photograph some seeds for analysis of size, the seeds of course were seriously tiny, smaller than table salt, hence the need for the microscopes. I also had to make sure the seeds weren’t touching by using a needle and – using the monitor/microscope for guidance, separating out the microscopic seeds

update:1 – Liquid nitrogen video up
update:2 – greenhouse vlog up

By the way, what do people think of video blog style stuff? Im not saying its something I would do on a regular basis, but as you can see – my phone can output some pretty decent quality video…

Here we go again!

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My next few weeks…

may 9th  –  June 3rd (4 weeks)
9-5 weekdays in the lab, probably involves being very confused and not know what to do, failing experiments and ultimately getting nothing done and no conclusive results

June 3rd – June 16th (<2 weeks)
Frantic frantic dissertation writing, 2 weeks to consolidate all my results, make up some bullshit about why the experiment didnt work and what should have happened. Word limit is 8000 words, last time I did a 3000 word essay it took me about 5 weeks… So… yeah… 2 weeks for 8k words is going to be fucking ass.

>June 16th

~June 25th
Possibly holiday to Alicante (spain) for a few days with the housemates

July 19th

July 23rd – July 30th
1 Week holiday with family to Mallorca


Went home for a long weekend (had monday off because lab supervisor is too busy to help us get started) , Played lots of MVC3, played through Portal 2 Co-op (Which is WAY more challenging than the singleplayer), played ‘Vanquish’ which ive deduced is essentially a fun version of gears of war with weapons which actually feel like they do something, I also got Outland (XBLA) – the game which is essentially touted as Ikaruga the platformer, and its pretty much exactly that, reminds me a little of metroid as well with the whole character skill progression stuff, its pretty good but maybe a little linear, havent finished it yet.

And now I guess I need to figure out exactly what my lab project is / requires…

Oh also, on the 360 situation, have decided I should probably wait until I finish my dissertation to get one, I got a little too caught up in ‘exam freedom’, and forgot that after exam freedom essentially comes ‘Lab project Hell’


TITLE OF PROJECT: Cell-specific expression of small-secreted peptide ligands in plant reproductive tissues


We have identified a group of peptide ligands in Arabidopsis, and mutations on these genes show pleiotropic developmental defects. These mutants carry T-DNA insertions in these peptides, which are thought to regulate cell-cell communication between neighboring cells.


(i) In order to investigate how development is abnormally regulated, the student will conduct a detailed phenotypic analysis of these mutants using microscopy.

(ii) In order to get clues to the mechanism, by which this mutation affects their function, the student will engineer synthetic genes to assess their function in plant development.


Plants will be grown under long-day conditions in a control environment. Tissues will be harvested for analysis by confocal microscopy. mRNA will be extracted, transcribed into cDNA then used as template to generate synthetic genes. These synthetic genes will be cloned in a binary vector for Agrobacterium transformation.

Exams Over! (6/6) and the immediate future…

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So i finished exams yesterday, last exam went… alright…
Enjoyed my first bit of freedom by basically going to a barbequeue straight after the exam (like… exam finished -> go to tesco to get BBQ food -> BBQ)

Being warwick university though, freedom doesnt last long…

The day after the final exam was the ol’ Lab induction – starting at 9am.
We were given a little introduction to the facility and introduced to some of the staff.
It looks like im going to be able to play with alot of cool chemicals and stuff , we were shown where they store the ethanol, the chloraform and liquid nitrogen (we got to see some of it, it was all smoky and cool and shit)

I’ll be spending the next 4 weeks in there, so I guess i better get used to it.

Exam update 5/6

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Home Stretch!
The 2 exams today were…. Okay….ish…. I guess….
Both generally consisting of 1 alright question which I could answer fine, and then a 2nd question which I kind of cobbled an answer together for and hope that its right. This especially applies for ‘modern approaches to human disease’ exam, which asked for “evidence that glutamate is involved in brain damage in stroke” – and I just kind of rambled on about glutamate in general, stroke in general and brain damage in general, without actually talking about evidence (because I didnt know any) :|
Lets hope it’ll be fine eh.

Last exam is on Thursday morning , then I wont know what the hell to do with myself.
Im considering going home for the weekend just because I havent been home in a few months now (last time i went back was for MVC3 release), I imagine there wont be much partying going on in general because its only us Bio students that will have actually finished exams, alot of other students will be beginning to start to take theirs.

Im also really seriously considering buying a 360 so i can mod it, it feels like for the price (£80?) its just so much more worth it than trying to run new games on my old PC. Of course a drawback with this is that i’ll have to open it up and tinker around with shit and have absolutely no idea what i’ll be doing – Ive modded a PSP and Wii myself but those are all firmware hack based and dont involve opening up an expensive piece of equipment (okay so i built my PC, but thats a piece of equipment meant to be opened up)
Not that anyone ever posts comments, but if anyone has any experience in modding 360’s with LT+ stuff, let me know how easy it is. I would kind of like to Jtag but that shit requires solder and resistors and all sorts of stuff I dont trust myself with – even though I used to be a boss at Systems and Control back in school (which involved circuit boards, soldering and so on, probably one of the few actually useful classes I took)

Also, I feel like the post looks too empty without a picture or youtube link, so here you go.

Exams update 3/6

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Halfway there.

The 2 exams today were brutal, Im not really sure how I did tbh, the question format is you pick 2 essay questions out of 4
For both exams, 1 Essay went well, and the other went kinda of meh at best…. Which i mean… at least one of them went well?

IDH (infectious diseases and health module) did the dickbag move of putting a ridiculous question and making it a compulsory one, now the twist here is that we’re not allowed to complain because… Its the exact same compulsory question from the year before! Of which we got to see as a practice, the problem arises in that the question didnt make sense then, and didnt make sense in the exam today.
Everyone (myself included) sort of thought ‘I dont understand this question, but it’ll be okay hopefully because surely they wont ask the same question 2 years in a row’ , and then they fucking did.


next 2 exams are on tuesday so I at least get a tiny break to revise for them.

I really want to play some games and have some fun right now, but my head is completely fucked. Mentally completely exhausted and I have a headache, If i could sleep right now, i would.

Exams update 1/6

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First exam went pretty fucking badly, Its always the ones you’re confident on that you get completely buttfucked by.

I have 2 exams tomorrow, not particularly confident about either of them. Fucksake.
Who puts 3 exams in 2 days anyway. Why couldnt you spread that shit out eh university?

This is how I feel right now.

Chapter 10 – The part where bad stuff happens (Exam timetables)

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27th Apr – Oncology
28th Apr – Bacterial Pathogenicity + Infectious Diseases and Health
3rd May – Extreme Enviromental Biology + Modern Approaches to human Disease
5th May – Integrative Neuroscience

6 exams spread over 9 days.
90 Minutes each

Fuck. My. Life.

Wish me luck folks. Cant wait til they are over so I can get back to playing games and blogging and all the good shit in life.

Revision update 30th march

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Have successfully skimmed through all 6 of the modules im studying for, highlighing key points and making sure the material makes some level of sense.
Ive only actually learnt 2 of the modules, and those are both of the easy ones. The rest of the information I need to learn involves maybe 120 pages at standard font size.
Particularly bitchy is Integrative Neuroscience, which is just fucking ridiculous. Im not sure how im going to handle it when it comes to the exam :< The material barely makes any sense. I dont think anyone else is in revision stages yet – Our exams this year are super early because we do our final year laboratory project afterwards – but if you are, good luck and dont burn yourself out! D: Countdown : 4 weeks (28 days left)

Year 3, Term 2 End

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So im done with University lectures forever, have been since last week.
On monday I had to do my final task this term, Give a 15 minute talk about ‘Food entrained Circadian Clocks in the hypothalamus’ and then spend 5 minutes answering questions from the audience…
The presentation went mostly okay i guess, I was so nervous at the start that I messed up the goddamn title, and I almost fell over because of jelly-legs, but once i got into it… went alright…
I think I did best on the questions, whilst some other people just couldnt answer any, I had a good 6 or so from the audience and 1 from the lecturer and was able to answer them all.

The only thing left now are the 6 exams and my Final year lab project (which involves around 4 weeks of 9-5 days starting sometime in may)
My exam period starts on the 27th of april and ends on the 5th of May, so they’re around 6 weeks away I guess – which will hopefully give me plenty of time to revise and learn my material because right now i dont know fucking anything…

I still cant believe Ive spent almost 3 years here, Hell im sure somewhere i still have blog posts about my first day of university, and now its practically over.
Life really does fly by…

ugh. Seminar set….

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So come week 8 or 9 of this term (its currently Thursday Week 5), we have to do a 20 minute presentation to a small audience of about 20 students and some lecturers, fully assessed and all that shit…
just got my presentation topic,

(Neuroscience) – ‘The role of food-entrainable circadian clocks in the hypothalamus’

It could be worse, i mean i could have what my friend got – ‘properties of tunneling nanotubes in the nervous system’, but at the same time, Im not really sure if i can talk for 15 minutes about circadian clocks in the hypothalamus, From what i know, i think its basically eating habits (eg. you get hungry at around 1pm, 7pm, but you’ll probably rarely wake up to have a full meal at 3am, despite there being an equal 6hr gap there)

Guess i’ll just have to try doing some research and seeing what happens (instead of playing League of Legends and minecraft constantly)

one world party

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Went to a club/event thing last night, lots of ethnic dance acts and stuff, followed by the entire student union being turned into a massive club (including atriums and such, 4 rooms)

Best part? Chocolate fountain! But i cant insert a picture because it wont let me rotate it for some reason…

Runner ups?
Irish dancing soc and Japanese Soc’s performances

^ Irish dancing because the girls were hot and ‘bouncy’

^ Japanese soc because it sounded like they were dancing to Tsugaru from DDR

Suddenly, it was November

I still feel ill, fml.

In other news….

Work / studies:
Realling getting the better of me at the moment, i’ve failed to get any jobs so far to the point where applying for others just seems like a waste of time, they’re so much effort to fill out only to get a goddamn automated email back saying ‘nope’. Ive also been struggling to keep up with lecture notes, or more specifically ‘integrative neuroscience’ – all of which is just a complete bitch to understand.
I started my 3000 word assignment yesterday, its due on thursday week 10 , so I have exactly 5 weeks to complete it – It seems pretty dickish to write, mostly because its based on genetics which i fucking suck at.


Since amnesia…..
Started playing League of Legends again, such a fun game, although I suck at it now and completely fail at last hitting creeps, also all of the champions I used to love have been nerfed to a state where im not even sure if they’re viable anymore – im pretty set on saving up for Kog Maw, becuase he’s a badass.
We’ve also been playing  the ‘Bloodline Champions’ beta, which is an arena style DoTA – No creeps, no mana,  lots of different skills and a high need to utilize skillshots to be able to do proper damage.
There are 16 characters currently and the game needs some balancing work, but its pretty fun. Its also nice that it is advertised as completely skill based so you sort of know that when you molest the other team, its purely because you played better than them. I did record some footage the other day which i may edit and upload, but in all honesty my character (gunner) is kind of boring to watch [basically just me being a dick sitting in the background and sniping people for stupid amounts of damage]


Did you guys know we now have a joint youtube channel for uploading random gaming videos?

Where to start…

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<'Machete' and 'Cladun: This is an RPG' will get their own blog posts because they deserve them>

Work/University Bit:
It feels like whilst theres not strictly a whole lot going on currently with university, its really really busy. I decided this year instead of waiting until the end of the year to summarise my lecture notes, i’d read through them during the year and summarise as I go – obviously, this has not worked out. Im constantly falling further and further behind in lecture summaries… I also got an essay title yesterday, I havent actually read the details on it yet…. i guess i’ll read it now……………………….. Okay, so its 3000 words and due in about 40 days (fucksake.) , you also know you’re in trouble when the description on what your essay is about actually specifies “this is a HARD essay” (yes, in caps),  the essay is also about the human genome, which is fucking hate – mainly because I dont understand that shit. Uffff….
Contributing to the stress of university is the knowing that I need to start applying for graduate jobs or internships now, with most deadlines being in November sometime, I actually spent 3 hours today filling in 1 application, which will probably not get through screening phase anyway. Very very depressing.


Games bit:
Our internet actually went down for 4 days or so, but thankfully I had just finished downloading ‘DJmax Portable 3’ and ‘Cladun: This is an RPG!’ , both for PSP. DJMP3 is pretty awesome, a twist on the traditional DJmaxPortable gameplay style with remixing tracks and stuff in (kinda like DJhero ,where you have a pseudo crossfader to deal with now) , the downside is that it doesnt have many songs (about 40?) , ah well.
I also downloaded Starcraft 2, but I dont think the crack i’ve got will work with it because it autoupdated to latest. I just wanna try out the campaign without having to shell out £30 :<
I’ll give Cladun its own review at some point because its really good, i clocked 10 hours into it over 2 days, and being on the PSP, thats probably the most play its gotten in such a small period of time.


Films bit:
Along with seeing machete, I also saw ‘Chaos’ (2005) , starring Jason Statham. Its a pretty weird film, starting off as an action film and then seeming to lose its own way half way through, changing genre a few times before eventually deciding it wants to flip the script on the audience. It was alright i guess, I personally thought it was a little boring, but maybe thats just because I was expecting something along the lines of crank or the transporter after hearing the film title ‘Chaos’. I guess its sort of a detective/psychological film by the end? ehh….


Anime Bit:
I picked up a bunch of currently airing series, something I dont usually do because I like to be able to watch through all the episodes at my own leisure (and because sometimes its awesome to be able to clear half a season in 1 sitting, especially if its a series that likes using cliffhanger endings)
Anywho… The weekly shows im now watching are…
Panty and Stocking with garterbelt – [which had a really disgusting 3rd episode, no wonder it almost got banned…]– The world god only knows – Which has a shit title, its about a guy that is the king of dating sims, he is then tasked with making real girls fall in love with him (or he gets beheaded)
Squid Girl (Ika musume) – Who is… a squid. Really funny, nice lighthearted comedy (always good when something listed as a comedy actually makes you laugh)
Ore no imouto… (Theres no way my sister can be this cute) – Guy finds out his sister is a super otaku, and has to help her out
I also recently finished ‘Umineko no naku koro ni‘ , from the makers of Higurashi (when the Cicadas cry) , Its a complete mindfuck of an anime, and I dont really recommend it at all, it IS watchable but in general its such a mess that you wont want to, the characters are also annoying as fuck.
Im coming very close to the end of Seto No Hanayome (My bride is a mermaid), so will give opinions on that too soon…
If this blog post makes you want to pick up a series, Id go with Squid Girl for sure.

Pub Golf

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So we did a pub golf thing last night, which is basically 9 (watering) holes, You do one drink at each bar, a set drink, and have a par, and have to finish the drink in that many attempts.

uh.. i think the drinks were like…

– pint of guiness (skipped)
– Pint of lager/Cider (par 2 / Me 2)
– Shot of baileys [wuddufuk £3 hell no] (skipped)
– glass of wine (par 2 / Me 1)
– Strawpedo [bottle drink – smirnoff ice] (par 1 / me 1)
– Rhey and Nephews [which is a 65% shot, the strongest one they have] (par-1 / me-blackhole)
– Vodka redbull (par ? / me 1)
– Sex on the beach [cocktail] (par 1 / me 1)
– Pint of ‘eliminator’ [which is a bunch of crazy shit, i know it has lambrini in there and a bunch of shots]

After the 65% shot i was pretty fucking wasted.
Wasted enough to not know when to stop, and then downed the vodbull, sex on the beach and tried downing the eliminator.

Couldnt walk straight, couldnt see straight, couldnt SIT straight, couldnt talk intelligently

I actually feel kinda drunk now – the morning after. C’mon liver/kidneys, stop lettin the team down.

2010 Biology exams ‘The Good the bad and the ugly’

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So I still havent finished exams yet as of writing this, and i’ll be sure to update it accordingly if something under one of these categories occurs, but for now…

The exams ‘Good , bad and the ugly’!

The good:
Cell Signalling lecturer ‘Davey’ gave the most blatent hints as to what the essay questions in this years exam was going to be, everyone wrote down what he said during the lectures, everyone powerrevised for those questions, praying that they would actually be there. Exam time, and lo and behold- there they were, both of them, in the exact same wording he said ‘might’ be in the exam. I have never written so much for one essay question ever, i think i wrote about 4 pages (including a diagram) on phosphorylation in signalling pathways – which will hopefully give me a decent mark…

The Bad:
I think it was ‘Enviromental Health Microbiology’, one of the questions worth 3 marks were ‘name the reservoirs for the following diseases’ (In English – disease is commonly found in…… ) and then went on to list a bunch of diseases (tuberculosis, salmonella… etc) , I…. had no idea, didn’t revise it, didnt even see it in the lecture notes. I wrote ‘cows’ for tuberculosis and moved on. I usually come back to check that i’ve written something for every answer after i finish doing the questions but I ended up using up all of the time in the exam writing on the essay questions.
After they announced to stop writing, i noticed I had essentially left the front 2 pages of the answer booklet empty. I peeked up to see where the invigilators were, and without skipping a beat went down the list of 6 diseases and wrote ‘birds’ ‘birds’ ‘birds’ ‘birds’ (cows) ‘birds’. Closed the booklet, handed it in. Why birds? I have no idea. Will i get any marks? well… one of them has to be birds surely.

The Ugly:
The first exam we had, the essay question came up (we get a choice of 2), one of them… I didnt really know in much depth at all – “discuss repeating regions” or something. The other one I sort of knew, but the question threw me off…. “Discuss phase variation, relate it to one pathogen”
Now… I had revised phase variation in a fair bit of detail, thinking it might come up, its basically when the organism is able to flip around abit of its DNA, letting it make a different protein (letting it do different shit [variation between phases] ), the example we had studied it in was ‘Salmonella’ – I looked at the exam question again, I don’t know this, i thought to myself.
“or well.. i know what phase variation is, but we didnt study any pathogens that use it, I only that it happens in Salmon”
That was my genuine thought process.
Thats right, I did not answer the essay question I knew the answer to because I thought I had learnt about something which occurs in Salmon instead of Salmonella.
Fuck. Sake.


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just a blog post to let you know im still here.

Have had 5 exams out of 12 so far, with my 6th one tomorrow and then 3 more on saturday ~.~

Have to say, its not looking great so far, the exams I have had have all been really hard :< 1 – Molecular biology – Hard / Bad
2 – Cell Signalling – Hard short questions, Easy essay question which will hopefully help me pass
3 – Neurobiology – Horrible, didnt know the essay question at all which is worth half the marks. FML
4 – Clinical Microbiology – Nice short questions, meh essay question (wasnt that bad but I couldnt remember alot of the stuff :<)
5 – Enviromental health microbiology – Hard short questions, okay essay question

Tomorrow: Immunology – I can already tell its going to be hard and horrible, at best it’ll be ‘meh’ but i already know I wont be walking out of it smiling, its probably my worst subject.

Eg. This is a simplified version of what we’re supposed to know. a SIMPLIFIED one =(

Fucking unsavoury to the core.

And then it’ll be the next 3, the next 2 days is pretty much the gauntlet from Gladiators except replace the gladiators with Cena, Kane, Undertaker and the Big Show. And its for the grand final, and if i lose then I lose £18,000… (and if i win i still lose £18,000 but i get a nice piece of paper at the end)

The Lull

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Just a heads up, my exams are starting this week (or.. tomorow rather) so don’t expect many blog updates for a fortnight.

Will still be updating via twitter or facebook though so feel free to follow me there


[and i imagine everyone who would want to find me on facebook already has me added, but if not – its pretty easy to find me….]

Exam layout..
10th – 1 exam
14th – 2 exams
16th – 2 exams
18th – 1 exam
19th – 3 exams :<
23rd – 1 exam
25th – 2 exams

1 2 3