Life – July 2016

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Yet another month flown by,

Though I suppose this one has been a particularly eventful one.


A few weeks ago I had to leave my job, the reasons were complicated but the tldr is that the job I applied for was no longer existent due to them outsourcing the helpdesk to another company.

I was out of a job.

I started looking for a new job on the 11th, and was lucky enough to be found by one of those agency recruiter dudes who forwarded me for a few roles, roll forward a few days and i’m having a telephone interview, followed by a face to face interview, and then on the 19th or so I was offered a job!
I’ve been working there for a month now, and honestly it’s kind of mind blowing that I managed to get so lucky again, my last two jobs ended kind of abruptly and yet i’ve somehow managed to roll my way into a new job fairly quickly. I was particularly dreading this one as there were reports that Brexit had killed the job market by about 70%, and I didn’t even think that IT jobs had that much demand (due to everyone and their grandmother nowadays having IT degrees, and me not having one).

So this is the end of week 1 at the new place, they’ve been breaking me in sort of slowly but it’s ramping up pretty steadily, also I still can’t remember hardly anyones names. This office/company is much larger than my last one, with the engineering team alone being around 20 peopleish, compared to the 4 of my last job…
It’s really nice that I can actually escalate support tickets or ask for other people’s help now, because honestly I was the end of the line before, which is kind of terrifying considering I was taken aboard with practically no remote IT support experience.
The office environment is pretty nice, though we’re genuinely pretty busy. I do really enjoy seeing the senior team members (like 30s-40s) talking to each other and being like “Windows 10 upgrade? Yeah client sure, go fuck yourself”, just because it’s so unexpected.


Evolve is pretty gud, it has some problems for sure but for the price of free, it’s definitely worth a check.
I’ve been playing it more or less daily for a few weeks now.


Lots o garbage this season, I can’t really be bothered to write up a recommendation list, even though I should because it’ll be about 5 lines.

Life – January 2014

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So after a nice relaxing christmas holiday with lots of time off, i’m back in the saddle travelling around the country for work. Have clocked up about 800 miles over the last two weeks if thats any indication, and then this Sunday im off once again to Leicester for a week, and then back to Manchester (stockport) for a week after that.

My Samsung Galaxy S2 had been playing up for quite a while and it was getting to the point where almost everything I wanted to do,  it wouldnt. Some examples of things that were wrong..
– The GPS stopped working
– The volume would randomly start go to minimum (very VERY annoying for using it as a walkman)
– Signal would occasionally be at 0, would have to restart to regain signal
– Battery would occasionally display 40%… then shut off and when I reboot it would say 2% remaining.
– constant ‘Phone is running out of internal storage’, taken up by files I am unable to find or delete, no solution aside from wiping the phone, but it would be back within a month…
– Microphone wouldnt work properly in speaker mode
– Would randomly boot up the android siri thing while im trying to use it for other things..

Honestly that shit was just a mess, but It lasted me a good few years so I guess I can’t complain too much. I just wish I knew why it was going haywire.

The result then…

20140124-IMG_0223is a sexy new phone!

It’s very weird using a phone without that extra ‘menu’ button, and im actually not too keen on the placement of the lock button, but other than that, very very nice phone. But then I suppose you would hope so for the money, which we wont get into.


Really havent been doing a whole lot of gaming recently, I played some of Valdis Story the other day while I was stuck in the hotel, and that game seems really good aside from a few design niggles which i’ll probably go into when I eventually review the game.

I’m also still addicted to Puzzle and Dragons on android, and after stoning my way through the Friday dungeon, finally managed to evolve and then ultimate evolve my Bastet at last, yay!
Now I just need to finish off my team with.. a bunch of other incredibly rare droprate healer monsters :X I’m still stuck on Satan, not sure how I’m supposed to deal with 66666 damage every 6 turns.

Loadout came out yesterday, which I will be having a go at shortly, but that game looks really fun. Just in time too, as there aren’t a whole lot of games that have come out recently which I am interested in. I want to play Octodad but honestly £10 for what I hear is an hours worth of gameplay is a little bit steep.


I took my camera to Manchester with me thinking it might cure some boredom, on Day 2 I went to the Trafford Centre which turns out is this gigantic shopping centre, tons of shops and then a gigantic food court and tons of themed restaurants above. It really reminded me of the shopping malls in Malaysia or Singapore and is honestly probably the best mall ive seen in the UK so far.


20140129-IMG_023520140129-IMG_0244 20140129-IMG_0247 20140129-IMG_0248 20140129-IMG_0249 20140129-IMG_0251 20140129-IMG_0252

Oh. And I took this from a services on the M1

20140131-IMG_0260much art.


Life – October 2013

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Wow. Coming towards the end of October already?

It’s been over a month since I started my new job, and the past month has just flown by.
I had been assigned to the boots till upgrade, which involves changing out the base unit (pc), monitor and printer of tills. Other jobs (the ones with more waiting around) involved fitting what is essentially a backup control server thing to control the EPOS systems should the main fail, that one was like 30 mins of swapping shit out and then sticking a disk in and waiting for 2 hours or so – a great opportunity for me to play Mario and Luigi Dream Team (which I have almost solely been playing ‘at work’ and am about 12 hours in now).

I’ve been about the country going from store to store for these upgrades, from central london, to kent, oxford, epping, basildon, dartford as well as down to near exeter and as far up as leeds.
The travelling is really the worst part of the job, yet sadly a necessary one. I’ve clocked around 2k miles since I started last month.

I was informed today however that the boots project was nearing its end,  and that I would be switched over to the Morrisons project which is starting up soon…
More surprising than that however, is that I would be one of the few that are leading the Morrisons project which is starting up soon.
Me, leading, the guy that has been with the company barely over 1 month.
The jist of this next project is that across the country, we need to replace 6000 till base units, these are, again, pretty much small PC’s, so we just need to go in and swap stuff out. There is a little tinkering around inside with the motherboard, but nothing too serious.

For anyone interested in what the inside of a supermarket till PC looks like. The old one is on the right, so it looks like they are getting a rather nice upgrade - check dem copper heatpipes on the heatsink. Aww ye.
For anyone interested in what the inside of a supermarket till PC looks like.
The old one is on the right, so it looks like they are getting a rather nice upgrade – check dem copper heatpipes on the heatsink. Aww ye.

Meng’s Guide to Restaurant Customers

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So whether I like it or not, i’ve been working as a waiter for about a year now, and the major categories of customers have become fairly clear.

Bare in mind that this obviously isn’t a 100% indication of anything.
Tip stuff is roughly
Small = <5%
Medium = ~5%
High = ~/>10%

Really Young white couple (<20y/o):
– Bill: Small
– Tip: Small
– Other notes: Girl is usually friendly, guy is socially awkward, probably due to age

Young white couple:
– Bill: Small – Big
– Tip: Medium
– Other notes: Friendly, easy to deal with

Heavily drinking white couple:
– Bill: 20% food, 80% cocktails
– Tip: None – Low
– Other Notes: Constantly orders cocktails, impressive tolerence for alcohol. Usually friendly enough but you can tell they are scum.

Young white family (with actual children):
– Bill: Medium
– Tip: Low-Medium (way less than it should be considering the mess they have made)
– Other Notes: Make a mess, children liable to be a complete fucking nuisance

White family (grown up children):
– Bill: Medium-High
– Tip: Medium-High
– Other Notes: Friendly, easy to deal with, father cracks bad jokes, daughter is still embarrassed of family despite being over 20 now.

Business people (dudes in suits):
– Bill: High
– Tip: Medium-High
– Other Notes: The older they are, the higher the bill and tip become. Spend the whole dinner dickwagging about how much their turnover is.

Very young group of friends (<20y/o):
– Bill: Small
– Tip: None-Small
– Other Notes: always one asshole in the group that tries to act grown up, boys will pull a “what is this shit” face when asked for ID despite being 5 days above legal drinking age

Group of friends:
– Bill: Small-High
– Tip: None-High
– Other Notes: Pot luck here.

– Bill: Medium-High
– Tip: None-Medium
– Other Notes: Usually fairly heavy drinkers, not unusual for drinks to outprice food

Blacks – Type 1 (95%):
– Bill: Medium-High
– Tip: None
Blacks – Type 2 (5%):
– Bill: Medium
– Tip: Low-Medium
– Other Notes: I’m not really educated enough to tell the two groups apart, but I’m pretty sure the difference is where/how they are brought up. If they have any sort of accent of any sort you are almost certainly dealing with a type 1. Both types are equally demanding, and are likely to complain about everything and expect it all to be done instantly. Women will not drink without a straw. Loves chicken (this is an actual fact, not even a stereotype). Steak must be cooked well done. Literally a waiters worst nightmare.

– Bill: Medium (would be high for certain if they were drinkers)
– Tip: None-High (assumedly depending on where they were brought up, tipping isn’t a thing in China)
– Other Notes: Above average chance of complaining, particularly if the food is bad/overcooked ,very particular about having clean cutlery and glasses.

– Bill: Medium-high
– Tip: Medium-Very High
– Other Notes: Very rude, can be shockingly good tippers, maybe they all own oil fields or something.

– Bill: Low-Medium
– Tip: Low-Medium
– Other Notes: Surprisingly low sample rate at my restart, maybe they don’t like steak/western food?

Where to start…

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<'Machete' and 'Cladun: This is an RPG' will get their own blog posts because they deserve them>

Work/University Bit:
It feels like whilst theres not strictly a whole lot going on currently with university, its really really busy. I decided this year instead of waiting until the end of the year to summarise my lecture notes, i’d read through them during the year and summarise as I go – obviously, this has not worked out. Im constantly falling further and further behind in lecture summaries… I also got an essay title yesterday, I havent actually read the details on it yet…. i guess i’ll read it now……………………….. Okay, so its 3000 words and due in about 40 days (fucksake.) , you also know you’re in trouble when the description on what your essay is about actually specifies “this is a HARD essay” (yes, in caps),  the essay is also about the human genome, which is fucking hate – mainly because I dont understand that shit. Uffff….
Contributing to the stress of university is the knowing that I need to start applying for graduate jobs or internships now, with most deadlines being in November sometime, I actually spent 3 hours today filling in 1 application, which will probably not get through screening phase anyway. Very very depressing.


Games bit:
Our internet actually went down for 4 days or so, but thankfully I had just finished downloading ‘DJmax Portable 3’ and ‘Cladun: This is an RPG!’ , both for PSP. DJMP3 is pretty awesome, a twist on the traditional DJmaxPortable gameplay style with remixing tracks and stuff in (kinda like DJhero ,where you have a pseudo crossfader to deal with now) , the downside is that it doesnt have many songs (about 40?) , ah well.
I also downloaded Starcraft 2, but I dont think the crack i’ve got will work with it because it autoupdated to latest. I just wanna try out the campaign without having to shell out £30 :<
I’ll give Cladun its own review at some point because its really good, i clocked 10 hours into it over 2 days, and being on the PSP, thats probably the most play its gotten in such a small period of time.


Films bit:
Along with seeing machete, I also saw ‘Chaos’ (2005) , starring Jason Statham. Its a pretty weird film, starting off as an action film and then seeming to lose its own way half way through, changing genre a few times before eventually deciding it wants to flip the script on the audience. It was alright i guess, I personally thought it was a little boring, but maybe thats just because I was expecting something along the lines of crank or the transporter after hearing the film title ‘Chaos’. I guess its sort of a detective/psychological film by the end? ehh….


Anime Bit:
I picked up a bunch of currently airing series, something I dont usually do because I like to be able to watch through all the episodes at my own leisure (and because sometimes its awesome to be able to clear half a season in 1 sitting, especially if its a series that likes using cliffhanger endings)
Anywho… The weekly shows im now watching are…
Panty and Stocking with garterbelt – [which had a really disgusting 3rd episode, no wonder it almost got banned…]– The world god only knows – Which has a shit title, its about a guy that is the king of dating sims, he is then tasked with making real girls fall in love with him (or he gets beheaded)
Squid Girl (Ika musume) – Who is… a squid. Really funny, nice lighthearted comedy (always good when something listed as a comedy actually makes you laugh)
Ore no imouto… (Theres no way my sister can be this cute) – Guy finds out his sister is a super otaku, and has to help her out
I also recently finished ‘Umineko no naku koro ni‘ , from the makers of Higurashi (when the Cicadas cry) , Its a complete mindfuck of an anime, and I dont really recommend it at all, it IS watchable but in general its such a mess that you wont want to, the characters are also annoying as fuck.
Im coming very close to the end of Seto No Hanayome (My bride is a mermaid), so will give opinions on that too soon…
If this blog post makes you want to pick up a series, Id go with Squid Girl for sure.

Final Day of Work

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So today at work the restaurant was quiet , very quiet.
I strolled around expecting a nice relaxing final day.
Suddenly – disaster struck. (no , my manager didn’t come to talk to me)

A colleague told me he needed some help with something hard difficult (get your heads out of the gutter you cr33ps)
He led me upstairs where i was greeted by what would be the cause of arm pain , shoulder pain and a rather bad neckache.

Approximately 60-75 empty beer kegs sat before me.
“we need to get these downstairs at the back. – You grab those two and ill take these two , we’ll take them to the lift otherwise it’ll be tiring”
[Previous sentence may have been an exaggeration , according to wikipedia an empty Beer keg weighs approximately 30 pounds (13.5 kg) – the xbox as we all know weighs much more than that]

I take 2 beer kegs at a time to the lift , they’re heavy enough just carrying but then when you get to the lift you have to stack them – this means setting them down and then lifting them up to approximately head height and placing them on top of other kegs. Painful.
Once the lift is full (with approximately 21 kegs) they all have to be taken downstairs , where they then need to be unstacked and restacked outside in the alley. My arms want to fall off at this point.

here’s a photo i took of myself in the lift with the beer kegs. – ive censored certain parts of the picture due to looking like a muppet.

After loading and unloading beer kegs into the lift 3 times the alley way looked like this.

Great I thought to myself, that’s over at last.
my colleague turned to me “halfway there now. back in the lift.”
me : “oh. fuck.”

Turns out gas canisters are actually even heavier than beer kegs despite looking slimmer and smaller , i guess its something to do with all the anti-explosion stuff they have to do to it to prevent it from going kapow due to pressure.
Same thing again , only this time we load the canisters into a stolen sainsburys trolley and wheel it into the lift , sounds easier but lifting those fucking canisters to a height where you can put them into a trolley is hard work.
We did this for 2 lift rounds , with 2 trolleys each round.

Result :

The purple and green gas canisters easily weigh double the amount of one of the Beer kegs , which is really saying something.

With that finished i take 5 minutes to relax and massage my neck which has somehow been greatly affected by all of this.

The rest of the day was a fairly normal one , I had lunch as normal on a sunday although this time i thought id try some of the other stuff.

From left to right
Glass of coke , Chicken satay with peanut sauce , Sushi , Pickled horseradish , Crispy duck pancake , Noodles with just about everything i could get my hands on (includes sweet and sour chicken ,fried tofu ,mincemeat , massala somethingorother , beef in blackbean sauce , prawns)

Finally the day finished , i got myself a bowl of chocolate ice cream and sat down for a few minutes , staring around at the place ive worked at for 8 months now.

Will i miss the other staff? Maybe , a few of them were nice

Will i miss my manager or Assistant Manager? Not a chance

Will i miss being a waiter? Probably

Will i miss the money? Yes.

Meng – Now unemployed.

A Work Update

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I hate my workplace.

I walk in to work today (yesterday by the time this gets posted) and am instantly greeted by my manager who has been on holiday for the past 3 weeks.
The first thing he says after ‘hi’ ?
not ‘long time no see!’ or , ‘i’m back!’ or some other typical bullshit , he goes straight in and…
“have you wanking today?”
“It is okay , it is good for you” (bare in mind this asshole is SHAKING MY HAND whilst talking)

Fucking seriously , this guy clearly gets off on making people feel incredibly awkward.
[i just leaned right there whilst typing , ow my abs.]

Shortly after this initial talk , i told him im quitting.
So next week will be my last week of work there , thank god.

From here on i walk in and the FIRST PERSON i come across after my assholemanager says ‘hi’ and then drops the bomb on me by saying ‘you look like you’ve gained weight.’
What a great start to my day at work.

Later on in the work day and i get my 2nd blog post inspiration.
An Indian guy… that talks like Niko from GTA4.
Oh yes.
As it were , turns out he’s a stupid Indian that sounds like Niko from GTA4.
After eating he turns to me and says (in an almost TF2 heavy style voice)

He then turns to his wife and quietly mutters
“he is good cook.”

I stand there and smile at him , safe in the knowledge that i’m far superior to them both.

Another thing ive noticed at work is that the chefs in the kitchen upstairs will listen to ANYTHING.
I walk past the kitchen every now and then and i’ve heard Chinese love songs , Japanese Music , British Chart music , RnB , Chinese RnB , Dance , Hardcore , Drum and Bass , Trance…..
I actually think i heard ‘The logical Song’ by ‘Scooter’ being played in there once.
The best thing about this is that because i never actually get to go in , I get to imagine them all dancing around with their woks and pots and pans getting crunk and so on.

Final thing ,  during work today i walked into the washing area of the restaurant (where all the dirty plates and shit go) and theres a fucking waitress there cutting her nails.
Little nailclipper on the end of her keyring.

god i hate my workplace.


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So its after work on a saturday.

They’re all talking some shit about… shit.

They’re all having a conversation about how cool i am (im serious. Infact , this is the second half of that conversation , the first half was how handsome i am. – again. i really wish i was joking here.)
After a minute or so of conversation one of them turns round to me and says ‘Do you like da killer?’
Obviously , being able to speak english and such , i just assumed he was talking about the band ‘The Killers’ (somebody told me / When you were young / Mr Brightside etc etc)
I responded with ‘they’re okay…i guezz’ as i normally do when i dont know what else to say in a conversation.
He starts laughing.
I stand there , perplexed.
“Okay , we call you killer from now on yeah?”

I stand there , still perplexed.
“Uh… sure.” I say ,  as i put on my coat and quickly walk out.

Asian Party

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Okay well not so much a party of such…i think.

One of the full timers at work was leaving and thus was throwing somewhat of a party. This party was to take place in the form of a hotpot/steamboat (details on wtf this is later) after work. I said id go along – there was food to be eaten after all.

11:30pm – Work finishes and we all sit down and chill out (everything so far is normal)

11:35pm – One of the girls pulls out a video camera and everything goes to shit , music starts playing and karaoke singing/dancing time begins. Everyone seems to know the lyrics and ‘moves’ aside from me. Its pretty entertaining just watching them.

11:45pm – Some white girl walks in to the shop , apparently she’s a friend of the guy who is leaving. She doesent understand chinese and has no knowledge of the culture apparently. Finally~ someone in a more awkward position than me.

11:50pm – YMCA.

12am – We leave the shop and head over to the guys place.

12:05am – So apparently everyone who works in that shop lives in this one building , the first floor is full of chefs , and the third floor is full of waiting staff

12:06am – We reach his place – i say his place , this is untrue because of about 12 people live there. (or somewhere around that number)
We walk through and go into the room with the hotpot – jesus fuck there is  8 people here! ~ My toilet is bigger than this room!
The room has 2 bunk beds , a small sofa and some sort of small cabinet which people had decided to sit on, All surrounding a tiny table with the hotpot in the middle.
–For the uneducated i shall now explain what exactly a hotpot is ~ Imagine cooking your food in a boiling pot of water. Now imagine cooking your food , and then as soon as its finished cooking you take it out and eat it. Now replace the water with liquid fire (supersuperspicyshit) .–
Remember to replace you cooking… with around 10 people and replace the kitchen with a very small bedroom.

12:20am – jesus christ this is spicy


12:45am – Beer is discovered

1am – red facing begins , although this time everyone is doin it.

1:45am – everyone is done , mass laptops come out

2am – I take my leave


Asian Parties are certainly different.

Worst Day at work Ever.

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So the day started normal enough , a bit of a bullshit talk from the boss in a language i barely understand followed by a good 3 hours of normal work.

Then it all fell apart.

I pushed over a wine glass (on a table) and it smashed – it didnt even roll off the fucking table it just changed 90 degrees and smashed. Great.

Then i dropped a bottle of tiger beer and half a pint of Stella on myself and the floor (no breakages somehow) , then i got bitched at for shouting ‘FUCK’ in front of a large group of customers. [i was carrying 4 bottles of beer and 5 pint glasses in my defense]Then i dripped some form of sauce down my leg whilst carrying plates [i was carrying alot of plates in my defense]

By this time im pretty much ‘damp’ from the tits down , Stella artois and tiger over the right side of my body and some form of sauce over my left leg , my left toe is sore because my shoes are too small and there is a blister coming.
I make a bunch of other stupid mistakes as well and then finally…

Sharp pain in my gaming thumb!

Slight dramatization below


[Picture is a slight dramatization , it was actually glass in my thumb NOT tiberium.]

Fucking piece of glass in my thumb. wth? I still dont even know how it got there
Some pain and blood later i managed to get it out.

What a shit day :< ps.

Why oh why didn’t I take the BLUE pill D:

pps. For those who havent noticed ive edited the links on the right of this page and changed the homepage to reflect the new sections of the site.


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So one of my colleagues at work had brought in a packet of sweets snacks stuff edibles meatcubes.
“You eat beef right?” the girl behind the bar asked
“yeah” i hesitantly replied.
“try some of these.” she says ,as she hands me these little wrapped things. It looks like some sort of candy or chocolate
I open it up. . .
A summary of what you see before you would go something like so…
Someone got a lump of beef , cooked it for a billion hours , put it through some sort of paper shredder to turn into bits and then compressed it back together using some sort of technique similar to the thwomps ‘UUHGGGHGHHGH’ slam.
It is a cube of meat.

CLICK ME FOR THE FULLSIZE PICTURE OF THE LAST SHOT. YOU NEED TO SEE THE AMAZERING DETAIL OF THE MEATCUBE . . . i think i see some hair coming out of it o_o – warning 2560×1920 intense HD resolution (thats 1920p)

ps. fuck weighted companion cube.

edit :
(00:30:17) (@Anonymous1c4_) did you eat it?

Yes i did , they’re actually rather nice , it tastes abit like Beef jerky but slightly spicier. I actually went back for more , i think ive eaten about 7 today.

Christmas Card (late Post)

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I recieved this on the 23rd and havent had a chance to take and upload picture.

Basically , girl at work gave me this card. Her english is horrific at best ,but she made an effort here.

Merry Christmas

This is definitive proof that my workplace is the most fucked up place on earth.

Mr Boss Boss

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So uh… weird day at work the other day (saturday).
Along with a new guy- who looks suspiciously like ‘Tanaka Hajime’ from Ouendan


We also had a visit from mr Boss Boss or somebody higher up.
Longstory short , mr Boss Boss is this guy (below)

Only difference i noticed is that Mr boss boss seemed more bound by physics but thats a minor detail.

Wanna have a baby?

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So i was at work today…. [yeah , you guessed it.]Me – unaware of whats going on.
Girl : honey? sweetie? gorgeous? handsome?
Me – *turns around by coincidence and takes drinks orders etc*
Girl : Oh wow , you’re cute. Single?
Me : uh.. oh .. no (a lie of course)
Girl : oh.. give me your number anyway.
Me : uhh.. maybe later.
Girl : oh so you still havent given me your number yet
Me : Sorry , i already told you i have a girlfriend
Girl : Forget her… oh wow , you have really nice eyes
Me – *sweating*
Girl : imagine you and me. . . . . . Having a baby.

Now fortunately at this time i was called off to do some stuff with the stocks in the staff area , but from what i hear from the other staff is that she waited around for like 15 minutes and started yelling at the other staff saying stuff like ‘if you dont bring him to me i refuse to pay’
My workplace is scary ;_;
In other non-work related new
– My Case and such came on friday , built it and everything. Its not as quiet as the reviews made it out to be , which is a shame. Its also fucking huge and looks like it could double as a fridge freezer (heatsink the size of my face fits inside though thankfully) , Might upload some pics or something at some point in the near future. – all temperatures have dropped by about 10 deg C also. which is nice.

– Unreal Tournament III is damn beastly. It feels alot like Unreal Tourney 2K4 but with better graphics and such , which is definately a good thing. Shame i cant run it at a decent framerate without having to set to a low resolution (720×450) but the game seems to have a nice scaling system in place – what i mean is that you can run the game at your native resolution so that all the menus and GUI are the correct size , but then change the game rendering size to a certain percentage. The game then runs the game in that size , stretches it to fullscreen and then puts on the native resolution GUI over the top. So all the screen elements are the right size. Good stuff.

– Shoutout to my homeboy [BoYc3] who recently set up a blog. which can be found at , i’ve also added [Sean]’s blog to the linky bit at the right ( ) , if you have a personal site you want linked just drop a comment.

– Kane and Lynch has a really good story ,almost to the level where im only playing it for the story and not the gameplay. – best line so far by kane (to lynch of course on topic of him ‘accidently’ killing someone) : “FUCK! You’re a fucking idiot!! What the fuck is the matter with you!?!” , whats probably best about this line is how i can imagine Bruce willis saying it.

– Whilst sitting on the bog and reading the readers digest , i came across an article. Longstory short…
‘a married couple plan to divorce after unwittingly chatting each other up on the internet using fake names’

I’m blog ya’ll , im blog ya’ll…

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1 – I think im going to be in the facebook of some random 15 year old girls. They asked if they could take a picture.. with me. then handed the camera to their dad/uncle/grandpa (godknows.) and came either side of me and posed. my workplace is getting weirder by the minute.

2 – Im going to go ahead and blame the Scummisland community for being a bad influence on me. I unconsciously said ‘Shut duh fuck up nigguhs’ out loud whilst they were all off being black to some birthday celebration. So yeah. Blame Scummisland for my turning racist.

3 – Remember that heatsink i told you all about a few posts ago? well it came… and its a fuggin BEAST. Its pretty hard to think of a decent item to compare it to , but id go as far as saying its about the same mass as Jordans left tit. Or maybe 3/4 of my head, or 2 and a half Fists

4 – Kane and Kynch : Dead men , is out for PC , 7.2gb – far too many good games lately , however one of them is’nt…

5 – Sim City Societies. It is NOT a SimCity game. Its almost like a huge extension of ‘the Sims 2’ , they took out alot of the advanced stuff that made you feel important in the old SimCity games. Also gone is the old Zoning system (small residential area , large commercial area…etc) and instead now you pick out the individual houses and such , gone is the electricity linking and plumbing… pretty much anything which ever slightly made you think ‘hmmm.’ in the old simcity games is not present here. Its almost as if they redesigned the game with 10 year olds in mind.
What a shame , the game looks good at least i suppose.

6 – Need for speed prostreet is pretty shit as well , its as if NFSU ate some of Gran Turismo and then took out a penknife and stabbed itself in the leg to make itself move all juttery. Customization is still in , tuning is still in , fun driving is not in. Instead , realism is in. Yes. Need for Speed + Realism = Fail

My workplace is more retarded than your workplace. (pure blog shiz.)

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So apparently everyone in my workplace has never seen an actual good looking guy , because they all seem pretty convinced its me. Anyone who has seen me will verify that i am not a good looking guy on any level , infact i barely qualify as average imho.

Conversation with some girl in my workplace
girl *comes out of kitchen waving over her mouth*
Me *gives her a weird look*
girl : I just ate a splingdoll
Me : a wha?
girl : a splingdoll
Me : …
girl *takes out a notepad and scribbles down ‘Spring Roll’* (rather legibly i might add , her handwriting is better than mine dispite the fact she can barely speak english
girl : yes , splingdoll.
Me : … no no, spring roll
girl : spring lole
girl : LOLE.
girl : LOLE (repeat 3 times.)
girl : am i say it right now? spring lole?
Me : yeah. sure.
girl : Kiss me. *leans forward*

Now excuuuuuuse me. WHAT THE FUUUUUCK?!?!?!?!

Me (out of pure instinct and no thought whatsoever) : no. *smile*
girl *scampers off giggling*

Later after work , im approached by her and her posse. they sit me down at a table and sit around me (Meng + 6 girls at a table)
then they start going off doing their moonspeak and the girl from earlier turns round , leans forward and asks ‘When was first girlfriend?’
soon followed by other such dodgy fucked up questions as ‘how many girlfriend you had before?’ and ‘when first kiss?’ – Naturally as a guy , i try to escape. However i cant , as soon as i try to stand up the tall one (who has strategically positioned herself behind me) Pushes my shoulders down so im back on the chair , the girl asking the questions then grabs my arm and shakes it. I have somehow been teleported from a restaurant to an interogation center in .

Stuff Stuff Stuff

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The Comments have now been fixed , i never really messed around with the settings before but have done so now. It was previously set to only registered users can comment , now it is set to allow anybody to comment , provided they have had 1 comment previously moderated. Ergo. Comment away!

This is quite possibly the best , most hyphy song ever. – kudos to Scootahboi123 (aka. [BoYc3] ) for letting me hear the original for the first time on his TF2 video.
Linky to the song : Scooter : The Question is What is the Question? (Flip & Fill Remix)

Drawing up Data Flow Diagrams and Entity Relationship diagrams for ICT fucking fails so hard.

4. – Storytime
So im at work , doing my thing. Im doing drinks runs for the bar and have to bring a bottle of wine to a table of foreigners (they look like they’re from Europe somewhere , not sure where though. We’ll pretend they’re Estonians , because everyone knows they’re weird.)
So im opening the bottle with my Cockscrew Corkscrew right and then…
I glance upwards to be greeted with one of them clutching a camera pointed at me.
T..they just took a picture of me opening a wine bottle =/
Im somewhat mortified that they would want me in their holiday pictures but whatever , i pour out the wine. However afterwards the woman calls me over. . .
“Could you.. uh.. get bottle .. for camera?”
I am then forced into posing for a picture where im holding a wine bottle over this womans glass like im some form of slave. Great.
Tips? None of course.

Due to my family pc breaking down and such , i bought a few bits and bobs for my pc.
An Athlon 6000+ CPU
2gb Kingston PC6400 Ram (2x1gb)
Zalman CNPS 9700 CPU Cooler
And an Antec P182 Case SCPR edition
– Pretty pricey i guess , but its only a few weeks wages and the case is supposed to be pretty damn beastly.

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