Attack on Titanfall Montage 8

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So odds are you may have already seen it by now, but I made a montage parody video for Titanfall… At least, i think it’s a parody? [kad_youtube url=”” ]   You probably don’t want to watch it, but if you’re interested in seeing me work Sony Vegas 13 for like… 5 hours, there is also an uncut, raw, unedited ‘making of’ video on my hitbox – , though i warn you it’s really boring and not much actually happens.

Nichijou TV (Spring Anime 2011)

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So episode 2 of Nichijou came out today, and its fucking fantastic.
I havent laughed so hard at an anime in a while, its bizarre humour is pretty refreshing amongst all the standard moeblob school comedy bullshit that is every other show nowadays.

If you liked Azumanga Daioh, you should check it out

I also made this, because im really fucking cool.

‘World Order’

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So i only discovered this group (?) the other day when I saw it in my youtube newsfeed

So, crazy japanese electro-house group with some elaborate choreography, no big deal right?
And then i did a little research on the group, and it turns out the Lead singer(?) , producer and so on is an ex K-1 Fighter, built like a fucking beast with full tattoos and shit.
Then doing a little more research found this video…

This guy is a fucking boss.