Welcome to Meng’s Bizarre Adventure, the semi-personal website of one Steven Meng.

I’ve been keeping this blog since late 2007, and despite being resurrected from the dead twice (maybe more?), the website is still going strong, and is now on its 4th revision.

2007 – v1 – Originally hosted on Dreamhost, and featured forums, a public blog and all sorts of dumb stuff.


2009 – v2 – Moved hosts to One.com because dreamhost was far too expensive for what I was using the website for. The Forums were shut down due to excessive spam bots and inactivity.
I intended to put the site down for good as I simply did not feel like maintaining it anymore.


2012 – v3 – After 10 months of  no activity, MBA was reborn as a free blogspot website, the original plan was to leave One.com, however there were far too many memories and linkbacks to the file hosting, and so I renewed the hosting, but switched to blogspot anyway as it was easier and more convenient to use.



2013 – v4 – After getting my first major games review linkback from an official facebook page for an indie game, I contemplated starting a new video games website, however my current host does not allow multiple domains, sadly I only figured this out after buying the domain. However, I did decide that I wanted this to be a legit website where I would be happy to give out links, because lets face it ‘mengplex.blogspot.com/article’ isn’t very awesome.

Who knows what the future will bring, but one thing which is for certain, is Meng’s BIzarre Adventure isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.



2014 – v5 – A design that nobody asked for, after around a year of tolerating all of the things I didn’t like about v4, I finally thought I’d make the effort to try to fix some of them. V5 introduces more horizontal space, as well as featured posts. As my personal life continues to steal more time out of me, blog posts become less frequent and so having featured posts as well as excerpt view is a great way to let viewers see at a glance whether or not I’ve actually blogged anything recently. As a bonus, I wanted to make the site look slightly more mature and professional.


2020 – v6 – Caused by another migration in webhost from one.com to ovh.com – You can read more about this here

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